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Follow Adder Review

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
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Follow Adder Instagram Bot Review

With Instagress out the window, it’s hard to know where even to start when it comes to picking another automated bot for Instagram that’s going to do the job just as well. Luckily, there are shortcuts to finding that out, and one of them is here.

In this review, we will take a look at what is now rated the best Instagram bot to replace Instagress with

Follow Adder Review: What is Follow Adder?

Follow Adder is marketing software that helps you promote you Instagram pages with scheduled automation. It carries all the essential features that most automated bots on the market have, with some extras as well.

Whether you’re an Instagram bot veteran or just starting out, it’s good to be reminded of how a bot like Follow Adder can boost your business. From gathering analytics and staying one step ahead of potential clients to connecting your blog with Instagram to synergize, Follow Adder is the answer.

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So How Does It Work?

Let’s take a look at how Follow Adder works. Essentially you can melt it down into two main components – uploading/interacting and scraping.


One of the best parts of Follow Adder is the ability to upload in bulk. This means you can highlight all the photos you want to use over the next week/month/even year and input them into the system, all ready to be posted on a schedule that Follow Adder makes sure appears natural and organic.

By automating actions like commenting, liking, and following other people, you can interact with people that have followed you and fellow Instagrammers on a much larger scale than you would if you executed all these actions manually. The more you interact with your Instagram community, the faster your page grows in visits and likes.


One of the main features of Follow Adder is the ability to “scrape” (a technical term for gathering data) information about users that you might want to interact with and follow or even direct message. It analyses who visits your page and what kind of target audience you are looking at, which helps when it comes to choosing what type of schedule you want to implement.

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Within this feature is Follow Adder’s ability to scrape comments, which means searching and finding comments that it will store for later use – saving from having to comment on everything you want to. This tool also applies to photos – you can keep lists of photos you want to like and photos you want to comment on.

Best Features

So what are Follow Adders best features? We’ve boiled its main components down into two categories, so let’s look at how these groups operate and what you can do to use Follow Adder to the best of your ability.


This feature falls under the umbrella of scraping and is one of the favored Follow Adder tools. It allows you to organize your scraped data and create lists of information that you are going to want to use later on down the track.

For example, you can create a list of photos to put on your automated schedule that you want to comment on and like.

Follow Adder Review - Lists


Like mentioned previously, Follow Adder has a tool that allows you to bulk upload your photos well in advance of when you would like to post them, which means you don’t have to upload them individually every time you have a scheduled post to go out.

Follow Adder Review - Photos

Direct Messaging

The direct messaging feature is helpful if you’re somebody who likes to maintain a consistent relationship with existing followers and endeavor to build a strong one from the start with new ones. It means choosing an automated message to send to them directly either every week or if they have just followed you when they click “follow.”

Follow Adder Review - DM

It encourages that feeling of community and allows you to interact with your followers.

Targeting Hashtags

This might be one of the most popular tools that Follow Adder has on offer. Targeting hashtags means that the hashtags that you’re using on your posts or bio can be used to promote your page and will seek out other posts and photos that feature these hashtags – liking and commenting on them.

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This is a great tool to grow your loyal following and improve engagement with your community at the same time.

Follow Adder Review - Hashtags

The Benefits

When it comes to an automated Instagram bot, Follow Adder ticks all the boxes. Here are some of the benefits that stand out and make it above and beyond the rest:

Simple Interface

A lot of these automated bots come with complicated, hard to understand interfaces that take quite a lot of messing around with to get a handle on them. Luckily, Follow Adder isn’t like that. It has a user-friendly interface that doesn’t take long to get used to, so even if weren’t around for the days of Instagress; it won’t take long for you to catch on.

Follow Adder Review - Interface

Bulk Uploading

This is probably one of the most significant advantages to Follow Adder. Because it allows you to plan and upload a lot of photos at the same time, it does its job in keeping your workload down while working hard to maintain your page.


Considering all that is on offer with Follow Adder, it’s not too expensive. Given all the tools and additional features it provides and the almost guaranteed growth of your Instagram account, it’s an investment that’s worth making. The cheapest is $8.33 a month, which is incredibly affordable considering competitors’ pricing against what they offer.

Follow Adder Review - Pricing

If you have more than one account that you want Follow Adder to manage, the jump from a single to up to three accounts is still affordable and reasonable at $12.50. Additionally, they also have a seven-day refund guarantee if you don’t end up liking it – so you can almost try before you buy.

Review Conclusion

With software like Follow Adder out there on the market making your life on Instagram easier than ever, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t try it out and see if it works for you Instagram page.

Beyond the interaction with the community that it gives you and the ability to upload multiple scheduled posts at once, it also cuts out a large chunk of time that you could be using on other aspects of your business instead.

Thanks for reading our Follow Adder Review, please let us know if you have any questions or comments below.