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Fastlykke Review: What is It and Is It Safe?

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
7 mins 24 secs
Fastlykke Review: What is It and Is It Safe?

It is not unusual to find a multitude of third-party IG growth services online these days. Instagrammers are trying to boost their accounts with followers and engagement, so outsource to these service providers for help.

What most of them do not understand is that a vast majority of these growth services are nothing more than frauds.

You read that right. We just said it.

This is why you need to be prudent about outsourcing your IG engagement and growth.

Today’s review will discuss our research regarding Fastlykkev. The company brags about being a “cheap and best social media marketing services company”, but are they all that?

If you feel the same as we do about their claims, you want to know if there is any truth to it. So, is this social media marketing service safe and credible, or is it just another fraud?

Read our Fastlykke review below and decide for yourself!

What Is Fastlykke?

Fastlykke logo

Fastlykke is a reseller. What do they resell? They resell other social media marketing tools. They do not offer their own IG growth services. They simply send you to other agencies who do this work. The tools they promote include Instagram likes and followers, but also tools for other social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

Frankly, Fastlykke is a perplexing company in our opinion.

They claim to be a team of experts in marketing with a combined 25 plus years of experience between them. The “About Us” page on their website features information about the cutting-edge strategies they implement to help you catapult your social media profiles. However, they do not appear to do much of anything at all.

Their website menu is filled with names of social media services offered across platforms. When you click on “Facebook Likes,” you are directed to an overview of providers that sell likes. If you want to make a purchase, you will have to go to that other website to get your services from one of those providers.

Fastlykke is really just a marketplace center used to promote other companies that provide growth services.

Was this website always like this?

We do not believe so.

Any of the online reviews we discovered discussed Fastlykke as if it is/was a direct social media growth service company. Clients mentioned that they purchased followers and engagement for their Instagram, YouTube, and other social media sites from them. They do not sell these services any longer for reasons that we do not have knowledge of nor can confirm.

All things considered, how was their status before they became a marketplace of providers? It was insecure. The company had some loyal clients, yet a many shared their poor experiences with them.

That said, they maintained their business from 2009 (according to them) until somewhat recently. That means this company must have provided quality services or something to remain pertinent for that amount of time.

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How Does Fastlykke Operate?

Honestly, there is not a lot to say that has not already been covered at this point in this review. Fastlykke is a site where you find their list of recommendations for social media growth solutions.

When you look at the website’s navigation, you will find Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and SoundCloud. As you drag your cursor across the menu, you uncover a drop-down menu of the services for the specified social media platform.

If you choose to click on one of them, you will be directed to another page with a data table list of service providers. These data tables show you, by ranking, five elements of each service provider.

Additionally, you will see links that will direct you to some comprehensive websites and reviews of each company. That is the extent that Fastlykke will take you as far as getting any growth help goes.

Fastlykke’s website has a dedicated “Contact Us” page that features a contact form and email address input block, but we cannot be sure if they work. Another way to contact them is through their “Live Chat”.

How Do You Use Fastlykke?

Go to the website,, choose an online media, and then a service option from the drop-down menu. After that, look at the data table that features the five growth services and the fine points about each one.

Select one and then click on “Visit Site.” From there, you will be directed to the pricing page of the selected service’s site. All you do from there is choose the best package/plan that suits your needs.

What are Fastlykke’s Features?

The following will discuss the current features of Fastlykke. They may not be the service provider you expected since they have changed a great deal since they were first established. We will have a look under the hood to see what they offer now.

Social Media Engagement/Followers Reselling

This the exclusive purpose of Fastlykke. We would not necessarily consider this reselling, but more like affiliate marketing for social media growth companies.

Since their website features the services of other IG growth businesses, Fastlykke does not charge fees for anything. They are merely showcasing these companies and providing you with their highlights and reviews. It is ultimately up to you to choose from one of their recommendations if that is how you want to outsource your IG growth.

Their website alleges that they recommend the top growth services in the industry, which gives us pause and makes us suspicious. We see a red flag.

Customer Service/Support

The customer service page is still available on their website. It does have an email address plus contact form, and a live chat option. But since Fastlykke offers no active services, there is no reason to provide support. Therefore, we believe this is not an actively working feature.


Fastlykke Pricing

As previously mentioned, the only prices you might find on Fastlykke’s website are those listed on the data tables where their recommended growth tools are found.

While this might be a great method of comparison of these companies on one website, you still need to be cautious about these recommendations. Just make sure to do your research on each growth service listed before you engage with them.

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Is Fastlykke Legit?

At this point in time, Fastlykke is simply a website and that is all. It is difficult to discuss whether it is legitimate or not since it is not providing any services.

We previously mentioned, this used to be a working growth service, and we did find reviews of Fastlykke to confirm that. Its score show it has only 2.9 stars, which makes us question its viability, if not its legitimacy. We found many ratings and reviews with mixed thoughts that showed people either hated it or loved it when it was a service provider.

Currently, the company is owned by an entity named Tekchasers Digital Services Private Limited, which is the only pertinent information we found on this company. It is a corporation located in India which is still an operational business.

Is Fastlykke Safe?

Their website has a valid certificate and is https secure, so you can feel safe as you browse and navigate its pages. When they offered services, they offer PayPal payments, which is preferred and more secure than some online credit and debit card systems .

There is no way we can guarantee that the recommended services they have listed on their website are legitimate. However, you can find a few legitimate IG growth companies online. Just be careful and picky about which one you choose.

Pros & Cons

Now we get to the pros and cons of the website.

  • Their website is secure and protected.
  • They are merely a reseller of other growth services.
  • They were one a growth service provider, but they are no longer in that business.
  • Their website is confusing and somewhat difficult to navigate with some pages being nonfunctional, but available.
  • We believe that they are recommending some questionable companies.
  • There are some negative reviews found on
  • Their customer support page is unlikely operational, so they may not respond to questions or concerns.

Review Conclusion

Does Fastlykke offer services to help grow your Instagram account?

Sadly, there are no unique Fastlykke service offerings on the website. While this was once a growth service provider for social media profiles, their reviews contained more bad comments than good comments, according to the customers they served.

As of now, this website acts as a reseller for other online IG growth tools. They essentially make recommendations as an affiliate website and is not a service-centric site.

Are the growth services they recommend any good?

To be honest, that question can only be answered by providing reviews for each recommended growth service they list. That said, we want to encourage you to take great care when choosing any outsourcing service to help you grow your Instagram account.

We believe, however, that most of the recommendations on this site use bots or some kind of risky automation for engagement, which can and likely will cause your account to get banned. Then you would have to start all over and regain your credibility.

The smartest thing you can do for yourself and your Instagram account is to seek out reputable and reliable organic growth companies for boosting your engagement and growth.