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Famoid Review: Is it a Scam? The Truth!

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
6 mins 21 secs
Complete Review of Famoid: Is it a Scam?

Do you want more engagement on your social media content without putting much effort?

If yes, then look at Instagram growth services that deliver engagement for money.

But before investing in one, make sure it provides real engagement.

One such service is Famoid that claims to be genuine. But the truth is quite the opposite.

Today, we’ll discuss all about Famoid and its features. At the end of this post you’ll know why you should avoid Famoid.

Let’s get started…

What is Famoid?


Famoid is an online social media growth company that offers several engagement packages to help you grow your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The company claims that the engagement they provide is real and 100% genuine.

Let’s now discuss how Famoid works and how you can get started with it.

How to get started with Famoid?

It’s pretty simple to get started with Famoid.

You need to visit their official website and explore the pricing section where you’ll find a wide range of engagement packages for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Depending on your requirements and budget, you’ll have to select a plan.

For instance, you select the Instagram package. Now, you’ll need to give your username, email address and phone number. Finally, seal the deal by completing the payment.

You’re all set.

Famoid will deliver the followers, likes, views, auto-likes you purchased.

Now, let’s discuss all the key features and plans that Famoid offers to its customers.

Key Features

Famoid Work

Instagram Followers

Followers play a critical role in the growth of any Instagram profile.

Say you’re a business that wants to market its products through Instagram. Here, the more followers you have, the more people you’ll reach, and the more will be your chances of landing customers. This is true even when you’re a content creator.

Also, more followers mean people who don’t follow you will see you as an authoritative figure in your niche.

Famoid helps you by offering you many followers packages for Instagram.

They deliver instant followers to make sure you don’t fall behind your competitors.

Instagram Likes

Likes are another crucial factor in profile growth. Let’s be honest: People judge content based on the number of likes it has. This can get frustrating if you’re working tirelessly to produce high-quality content but still not getting the response as expected.

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Fewer likes on your content triggers people to form an opinion that your content isn’t up to the mark. This is where Famoid is a great help because with its likes packages you can get up to 25000 instant likes delivered to your posts.

Instagram Views

Long gone are the days when Instagram was all focused on only image content. Today, you’ll find Instagram is all in for video content. By introducing IGTV, IGL Live, Reels and Video stories, Instagram has made a statement that video content is here to stay on the platform.

With videos, views are the most critical indicators of engagement.

If your video has more views, it means people love your content.

Views are also important because Instagram promotes videos with more views than videos with fewer views.

With Famoid, you get several views packages that deliver from 100 to 25000 views depending on the package you choose.

Automatic Likes

Automatic likes differ from the standard likes packages. Let me explain.

When you purchase automatic likes, Famoid automatically detects every new content you post on the platform and delivers likes on it.

This process continues until you’ve exhausted all the likes you purchased.

Gradual delivery

Famoid claims to deliver instant engagement, but not at once. Let me explain.

Instagram and social platforms don’t entertain the use of automation to grow engagement.

Hence, if you’ll receive 1000s of likes and views at once, this will raise red flags.

Therefore, Famoid takes the time to deliver the engagement gradually.

Suppose you purchased 100 likes Famoid will deliver 10 likes instantly and continue to deliver the rest 90 likes gradually.

Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial factor you need to consider when investing in an online growth service.

Say you’re stuck at a step or don’t receive the engagement as promised, even after completing the payment.

This’s where an excellent customer support team can help you solve your issue.

Famoid prides in its customer support.

They claim to provide 24/7 customer support, including holidays.

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Reasons for not using it

We discussed the key features that Famoid offers. Still, it’s not a service worth investing in. If you’re confused where Famoid fails even after offering the above features, then read the next section.

Fake engagement

It’s excellent to have more engagement on your content, but not always because most people fall into the trap of purchasing fake engagement.

When building your presence on social media platforms, meaningful interactions matter.

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Let me explain.

Suppose you’ve 1000 followers, but only 100 of them regularly engage with your posts. Here, the rest 900 followers affect your content and credibility as a content creator. Think about it. If you’ve 1000 followers, why only 100 are engaging with your account?

This not only raises red flags but also sends poor impressions to people that you might have bought all your followers with money.

Unfortunately, Famoid doesn’t stick to its promise of delivering real engagement.

After you’ve purchased your package, you’ll definitely receive the engagement.

But if you click on the profiles of the followers, you receive you’ll find that those followers will have no posts, bio, contact info or in most cases profile pictures on their account.

This means Famoid acts as a bot and delivers fake engagement.


Famoid Pricing

Famoid has a multitude of plans ranging over different price points listed on its website.

The only issue is that these plans are expensive when compared to the plans offers by alternative services.

Let be honest, maybe the plans are not pricey for you, but the important question is: Are you willing to invest more for fake engagement when you can purchase real engagement for less?

Instagram removes engagement immediately

There’s another loophole in the service that Famoid provides. After you receive your likes, followers or views, you’ll notice that you’re losing some engagement. The question is: How are you losing them? Now, Famoid won’t remove them because why would it do such a thing with a customer? This takes us to the explanation that Instagram Itself removes the engagement you receive given the instant response you receive out of the blue.

Your account could be banned

Now that you know, Famoid is a bot that uses automation and delivers fake engagement.

You should also know that Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are against the use of bots.

To keep the authenticity of their platforms and provide a fair growth opportunity for their users, these social media giants perform regular checks and algorithm changes to find accounts that use bots.

If found, they ban those accounts, sometimes permanently.

This’s an enormous risk if you’re serious about growth your presence by proper techniques and if you invest in a service like Famoid you could lose all your hard work and credibility by getting banned.

Review Conclusion

That’s all you need to know about Famoid. Don’t get fooled by the features it provides because with online growth services it is important to make sure the engagement they provide is real.

Famoid does the opposite and posses a risk to your account. Hence, think 100 times before investing in Famoid.