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Everliker Review: Don’t Use It Without Reading This Review

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
6 mins 33 secs
Don’t Use Everliker Without Reading This.

Instagram can be a tough nut to crack. But if you’ve the right tools in your arsenal, you can grow your engagement like crazy. One proven strategy that works is engaging with other accounts to attract engagement for your account.

It is when you like, comment, share posts of other accounts, and they do the same for you. Hence, the more you engage, the more engagement you’ll receive.

But liking every other post every time you’re online and repeating this every day isn’t a simple task. This’s where automation services come in.

They use automated algorithms to like posts of your target audience. One such service is a Chrome extension: Everliker. If you’re thinking of using it on your account, then this post is for you.

Today, we’ll discuss why should drop the idea of using Everliker.

Let’s get started…

What is Everliker?

Everliker logo

Everliker is a Chrome extension that likes Instagram content on your behalf. It has a free plugin, and a paid version that costs $5 per month.

The free version comes with basic features, while the paid version offers your advanced targeting filters.

How Does it Work?


Everliker works on automation. You specify your targets based on hashtags and Everliker will like content of people using those hashtags. Confused to get started?

Let’s discuss how you can get going with Everliker.

First thing you want to do is make a Google search for “Everliker Chrome extension” and download it from the Chrome extension store. You can even go to the Everliker website and click on “Get Free Plugin”. Once installed, you’ll have to provide your IG username and finally set hashtags for targeting.

Remember, this’s a free version of the extension, so you won’t get advanced features. If you want to narrow your target audience, then upgrade to the premium version by clicking on “Go Pro”.

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Main Features


Automatic Likes

Everliker is all about its automation feature. Instagram profiles thrive on the law of reciprocity. It is when you make a positive gesture toward someone, and they return the favour when the time comes. In simple words, when you like posts of other accounts they’ll like your content or at least check out your profile.

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This helps in building engagement and healthy relations with high-quality profiles. This is where Everliker is a lifesaver. It saves you a lot of time by automatically liking posts based on the target audience you specify.

Another feature of Everliker that uses automation is liking content of accounts that appear on your home feed. You can scroll all the way down and like each post that appears on the screen or let Everliker do the job for you. This’ll also help you attract engagement toward your content.

You can even limit the number of likes that a specific user will receive from you.

Hashtags and Location Targeting

Hashtag targeting comes with the free version of the Everliker extension that lets you set up hashtags that your target audience is using.

Everliker will track these hashtags and like the posts of profile using them. This’s a significant feature to target your competitors’ audience.

You can make a list of the hashtags used by followers of your competitors and add them to Everliker. What about location targeting? Location targeting helps you choose the destination of your likes.

You specify a location, and Everliker will like posts of your target accounts in that location. This feature is only available with the paid version.

Limit Your Likes

This is the feature that has kept Everliker alive in the automation market. You can use it to set a limit on the number of likes you want Everliker to make in a day.

Competitor Targeting

If you’re worried about the growth of your competitors, then this feature can help you. This is a feature of the paid version of the extension that lets your target accounts based on interests.

Everliker will target followers of these accounts by liking their posts. As you and your competitor share the same niche, your audience more or less like the same content and might be interested in your posts.

Hence, by using competitor targeting, you can attract attention of your competitors’ followers.

Reasons For Not Using It

Everliker has many amazing features that helps you grow your engagement and gain an edge over your competitors on Instagram.

To be honest, it’s unlikely that you’ll find all these features in a single extension every day. That said, let’s discuss the real deal: Why shouldn’t you use Everliker?

One Device Integration

We love integrations and syncing of our devices. Gone are the days when one application used to work on only one device. Now, you have the liberty to use the same applications on many devices.

This’s where Everliker fails.

You can only use it on a computer, which means if you ever need to use the amazing features we discussed above, you’ll have to turn on your computer.

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This might not seem a big deal if you’re a light user, but if you’re serious about growing on Instagram, you’ll have to make sure you’ve a computer by your side every time you need to use Everliker.

This alone is a reason for not using Everliker, but there are more which we’ll discuss.

Needs An Open Browser

If having a computer stuck to you was a problem, then this point is only going to add to your misery. Everliker only works when you’ve an open browser window and connected to the internet.

This means you need to watch while Everliker performs the automation. If your laptop sleeps even for a second, the program will stop. This is a bummer because who has the time to sit in-front of the computer to keep the extension running.

Unknown Access

During the installation, Everliker will ask you to grant some permissions.

What the big deal about it? Perhaps there are many applications and extensions that do the same.

But the thing with Everliker is you don’t know what permissions you granting it, which means there’s a risk of exposing your sensitive information.

You don’t want to share your data with an extension just for an automation service because there are several safe ways available on the market.

Your Account Could Get Banned

Banned Hashtags

Instagram continuously conducts checks and purges accounts that use automation bots to grow engagement.

It’s true that Everliker provides you the feature to limit the number of likes you make, but at the end of the day it’s a bot.

In fact, on the Everliker website it’s written: “Everliker is used at your own risk, and we will not accept any account liability.”

Would you risk the hard work you invested in building your profile? Obviously not, because you can easily find safer alternatives with the same features.

Degrades Your Credibility

Your credibility is what makes your content valued by people. Your fans love the way you engage with them and keep an eye on your Instagram activities.

What if you start liking posts of irrelevant accounts or offensive content? Such actions not only degrade your credibility as a content creator, but also hamper the interests of your loyal fans.

Unfortunately, Everliker is known for executing such actions on behalf of its users.

Many users even complain that their accounts froze for no reason, created spam and got shadow-banned by Instagram.


Now you know all about the Everliker extension. Although it offers many helpful features to increase engagement, still, it’s a bot which you can’t completely trust.

Instagram discourages automation and penalises accounts that use bots to fool its algorithm.

Bottom-line: Everliker is no go.