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Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers On Returns?

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:March 14, 2022
6 mins 15 secs

Have you ever thought about whether Amazon checks serial numbers on returns? Well, you will be able to find your answer today. Amazon has quite a lot of rules and policies, which raises many questions. 

Amazon is an eCommerce giant that has been in the market for decades. They have survived several scams over the years and built a robust system against them. Amazon employees do check the serial numbers on Amazon returns. When an item is ordered, the seller sends a scan code to the listed company to verify the item.

This eCommerce giant has seen the early stages of the internet and its adoption over the years. They have built multiple policies that keep them safe against fake products and frauds. This article will discuss whether Amazon checks serial numbers on returns and other similar questions.

Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers on Returns?

Over the years, Amazon has developed a full-proof strategy to protect itself from scammers. 

Some people buy a new product on Amazon and exchange it for an old product to get their money back. This scam has cost Amazon millions of dollars in the past decades. To fight this fraud, Amazon checks serial numbers on returns. 

After placing an order on Amazon, the seller will scan the serial code and barcode and send it to the company. This code is valid when you return an item. Amazon can then verify whether it’s the exact item you placed an order for or not. 

This policy has helped save the company from hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of fraud every year. Earlier, the company did not have such a robust system in place. They used to refund their customers without checking the originality of the item. This changed soon enough, and they could verify whether the product was original or fake.

Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers of All Items?

Amazon ships around 1.6 million packages every day. The Amazon customers’ return rate for defective products is less than 10%. While Amazon checks the serial number of all the returned items, they don’t do it for every item they ship out. The simple reason is that it is impossible to check such huge orders every day.


The Amazon fulfillment centers are responsible for receiving the product from the seller. They are also responsible for delivering the package safely to the customer. After they are delivered, it is the seller’s responsibility to handle the serial number and tracking of the product.

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Amazon uses virtual tracking to deliver orders as fast as possible. They place an order for the same product from different sellers. In this way, the customer’s order is processed much more efficiently. They can also deliver to the customer from the nearest fulfillment center.

Does Amazon Register Serial Numbers?

Whenever an order is placed via Amazon, it’s the seller’s responsibility to send the serial number and barcode to Amazon. This information is stored in their database and can be used when needed. 

Suppose a customer decides to return an item in exchange for a refund. Then Amazon would check the serial number of the product first. This helps them verify that the product is genuine before initiating a refund. 

There are some cases when a customer had to file a complaint about their order that had not arrived. Amazon uses the serial number to track the customer’s product in such cases. They will also list the serial number under lost and theft databases. This process will help prevent any fraudulent use or resale of the stolen or misplaced item.

Returning an Item to Amazon with a Different Serial Number

Amazon has put multiple rules and regulations to catch any fraudulent activity on its platform. Returning a product with a different serial number is one such activity. It can be a severe problem for you and even result in a lawsuit against you.

If you’ve returned the wrong item by mistake, then you should be as honest with their customer center as possible. You need to address the issue and be cooperative to avoid further investigation into the matter. 

You cannot return an item to Amazon with a different serial number due to its robust database. It has stored all the serial numbers of products shipped from their website. So, when you try to pass on a fake or used product and expect a refund, Amazon will deny your request.

When you return an item with a different serial number, the third-party seller or Amazon will immediately reject the request. They will then inform you about the different serial numbers on Amazon returns and put your case under investigation. This is the sure-shot method that Amazon adopts to stay away from fraud.

What Happens to Amazon if You Initiate a Fake Return?

We’ll discuss fake returns. If you initiate a fake refund request on the platform, your money will not be refunded by Amazon. Additionally, you will be charged a fee or fine for the initiated return. 

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Some people also try sending fake products with Amazon returns and get their money back. Suppose serial numbers on the returned product match the original. In that case, chances are you might get a refund for a fake product. However, if you use a different box with a different serial number, your request will be rejected immediately. The company will also send the item back to your place.

Does Amazon Deny Returns?

As mentioned on their website, the company must accept all returns made within the permissible period. 


This implies that if your product is eligible for a refund and you initiate a request, they will accept most items. However, Amazon does have criteria where they can reject a return request from a customer who has made too many returns. 

The return policy mentioned on their website does not warn of a ban in case of excessive returns. It also does not forbid any customer to apply for a refund. However, they mention that the company reserves the right to terminate any account at their discretion.

Which Items Cannot Be Returned on Amazon?

While Amazon does not restrict its clients from initiating a refund, a few products can’t be returned. Even though your product has the same serial numbers on Amazon returns, the company will reject your request. 

  • Health and hygiene products or items with a damaged protection seal
  • Digital music purchased from the Amazon Music Digital store
  • Devices such as kindles, laptops, or desktops after using them for more than 30 days
  • Modified, customized, or handmade products
  • Prepaid phone cards
  • Amazon gift vouchers
  • Live plants and flowers
  • Items without a universal product code or serial number
  • Tickets for theme park
  • Videos purchased from the Amazon video store
  • Prepaid game cards that are used to purchase content for a video game, for platforms such as Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation 
  • Digital purchases, including game download and software
  • Flammable liquids or gasses
  • Live insects
  • Liquor and groceries


Amazon is an eCommerce giant that serves more than 300 million customers worldwide. It might become challenging to track all returns and refunds with a vast audience. However, the company has made a robust set of rules and regulations over the years. These rules have helped them stay away from fraudsters and fake products.

The employees always check serial numbers on Amazon returns when you return an item. It helps them ensure that you return the same product and not an old one. To ensure a hassle-free return process, you should keep track of your product serial numbers and avoid issues.