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Document Verification Service

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:December 13, 2022
5 mins 9 secs

In the digital age, more and more transactions between interested parties are registered online, which indicates an increased risk of scamming and forgery of false documents.

In this regard, our company Euristiq offers customers unique services that allow you to quickly and accurately check documents from the sender and confirm or deny their authenticity.

What Is This Service?

When each customer contacts Euristiq, a professional team offers unique solutions for the development and implementation of document verification service client servers, which allows you to achieve the following results:

1.) Simplifying the access of each participant in the transaction or a registered team member, or business partner to the online applications of a particular company, if it is protected in the form of the need to pass a multi-stage identity verification.

2.) Scan important documents that are user IDs, and quickly and securely convert them to an authentication program, without corrupting important data.

3.) Instant verification of the identity of each person who is in doubt, in real-time.

Euristiq guarantees customers that when identifying the authenticity of an identity document, errors and inaccuracies are completely excluded, which ensures the stability of partnerships and eliminates cases of scamming.

Benefits Of The Document Verification Service From Euristiq

Every month more and more customers turn to Euristiq to order a service for developing an ID verification proposal, as this software provides them with many of the following benefits:

1.) With the use of artificial intelligence technology, the system is being improved, over time it begins to automatically use new, previously unexplored opportunities. Because of this, the efficiency of data processing is steadily increasing.

2.) The use of cloud services on external servers for the possibility of scaling the platform along with the development of the customer’s business, without changing the program code and purchasing expensive equipment.

3.) Providing services from a professional team with vast experience in technology and digital consulting.

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4.) When scanning documents, the most modern DVS technology is used, which allows for digital verification and verification of any ID in real-time.

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5.) The highest level of security at all stages of development, implementation, and operation of the software. The risks of cyber attacks are eliminated, thanks to a multi-stage encryption system with a constantly changing security code.

6.) All services are provided only through a secure communication channel, which eliminates the risk of leakage of customer information and a photo of his ID, and this greatly increases the trust of end users in the company ordering software from Euristiq.

7.) All operations take place exclusively in real-time, it will take no more than 10-15 seconds to process an ID verification request, which is why customers do not have to wait for a system response.

8.) The company provides only fully completed software that does not need to be finalized, or packaged with program code, added content, key, or additional functions. Euristiq develops turnkey software products, after which it provides at least 12 months of free warranty, and specialists are ready to fix any shortcomings that are identified by the customer during this period.

9.) When developing a document verification service, the company uses only the most advanced tools and technologies, as well as programming languages – MVC, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and many others. After studying the terms of reference, a specialist in working with customers will offer the most optimal tools that allow you to achieve the expected result in the shortest possible time.

Euristiq provides a full range of solutions for the development, integration, commissioning, and service support of document verification software in full compliance with the terms of reference from the customer.

The average time required from considering an idea and concluding a contract with a customer to the start of a system that is completely ready to perform the main functions is no more than 7 months, which is significantly less than most competitors offer.

Document Verification Service Algorithm

When a potential customer addresses developers, he often asks a question about the algorithm of the future application. A team of professionals from Euristiq is ready to offer the simplest and most high-tech solution that can be operated by the following flow chart:

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1.) The dresser enters the information or service portal of the company to get exactly the product that interests him, or to establish partnerships. Most often, this is working with a credit or other financial institution, which requires detailed verification of users.

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2.) The customer registers in the system enter his passport and contact details, and then sends a request to the application, which analyzes it in strict accordance with certain algorithms.

3.) Further, the system asks the customer to provide ID and other documents for verification, by the internal requirements and regulations of the financial company.

4.) The user scans or photographs a spread of a document from a smartphone, after which he attaches a graphic file in a new window, following the instructions and prompts of the system.

5.) The application checks the documents for several signs that indicate their authenticity and also compares the data previously provided to which in the registration form with the content of the ID.

6.) If necessary, a deep check of the document is performed by comparing the online biometric data of the customer, if such information was previously registered in the system, or on third-party resources open to the financial institution.

7.) In case of successful verification, the documents are uploaded and stored in a system database protected from unauthorized persons, and the customer is granted access to the requested services.

8.) If the system fails to recognize symbols or distinctive signs on documents, the application sends a return request to the customer to repeat the operation or issues a list of comments on the correct loading of the document.

9.) Most often, the application for identifying boat documents is provided as a service, it does not require installation of the application in the memory of a PC or smartphone, as well as a paid subscription.

Euristiq guarantees the absence of failures in the implementation and operation of the application and eliminates the leakage of end customer data to external resources, including when uploading them to cloud storage. Customers who have already received document verification software leave only positive feedback about the development team on independent forums on the network.