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Couldn’t Refresh Feed On Instagram: Instant Fix

Author: Adam
Published:April 30, 2022
3 mins 18 secs

On the Instagram main page lays posts that suit the concern of the users. For accessing recent posts, it is essential to refresh the home page.

Failure to refresh implies the user cannot access new uploads of videos and photos.

If the problem can be recognized, it can be fixed without causing damage to our account’s engagement and visibility.

Reasons Why Feed On Instagram May Not Refresh


It is always better to recognize the reason for a declined feed refresh before striving to fix them.

Failure to pinpoint the spur for error before settling may damage our app and account further.

Likely spurs may include;

  • Lack of internet connection or a low speed on the gadget used to access Instagram.
  • When your Instagram app is an obsolete edition.
  • Technological issues.

Reason1: Inability to refresh feed problem caused by internet connection.

Here, it would help ascertain the internet connection on the computer or mobile gadgets in use.

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If need be, it should be restarted. It is also approved to erase cookies on the gadget you are using to access Instagram.

You can locate the browser account and cookies column in the settings division of your web browser or application.

Reason 2: Using an obsolete edition of Instagram.

The obsolete version will not permit a user to access lots of traits usable for recent versions. The older edition can also result in errors. Just like another app, Instagram can send diverse errors in its published versions.

  • Check out updates on the App Store(for iOS) or Google Play Store(for Android) if you have issues updating your feed on Instagram.
  • Per adventure you have updates, it is necessary to download and set them up. If there are no updates, for unknown reasons, uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app again.

Reason 3: More technological issues beyond comprehension.

It’s possible errors hit from nowhere. The app might be operating smoothly a few seconds ago and now battling a series of general errors.

When this occurs, it will be ideal for restarting your gadget or uninstalling and reinstalling it to have a new start.

Attempting to repair Instagram can be difficult on your vigor; it’s impossible to resolve all issues on our own.

Therefore, it is best to reach Instagram Help to fix general errors, bugs, and potential fixes.

FAQs About Problems Of Refreshing Problem

Why can’t I refresh my Instagram?

The inability to refresh your Instagram might be due to three primary reasons.

Such reasons could be a poor internet connection, an older app version, and other technical problems.

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How to send Instagram a report?

Go to settings, Report a problem, or Help to make a report on Instagram.

Why does Instagram glitch?

Aside from poor internet connection, lack of storage space on your gadget can result in glitchy Instagram.

Why are my Instagram DMs responding?

Poor internet connection or no connection at all can result in failed DMs. The same will happen when using older operating systems or apps.

If you are confident of your connection, access our Instagram directly on the web application; if the DMs appear there, it means your mobile gadget is faulty.

It could be an OS or app.

What to use the refresh button for in Instagram?

Instagram does not use the static refresh button; it uses signal movement to refresh the feed. Swipe down your homepage and have your feed refreshed.

The Summary Of Refreshing Instagram Problems

We have discussed reasons why errors occur. “Couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram” and how to get it fixed.

Your Instagram feed may not refresh for three primary reasons.

First is a poor internet connection. The simplest way to fix it is to restart your internet connection. Lastly, using an older version of the application. Update your app to fix that problem.

Lastly, technical issues beyond comprehension can also occur.

It could be not comforting because you need to wait to get it fixed or make a report to that effect on Instagram.