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Buzzoid Review: Is It A Scam? – Uncovering the System

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
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Buzzoid Review: Is It A Scam? – Uncovering the System

Buzzoid is a web-based social media tool that has been around for a long time, and they are among the largest in the industry. They guarantee they can deliver to you Instagram followers and likes within minutes.

Is that true? If it is true, how authentic are the followers and likes that they promise?

We will address that later in this review. For now, we will discuss this company, its offerings, and its pros and cons to help you decide if it is a scam or legit.

We have searched throughout the Internet looking or Buzzoid reviews, and even a portion of our readers tried it, so we could give you a general assessment of this tool.

Buzzoid claims that it will get you likes, views, and followers at a reasonably affordable price.

What parts, if any, of Buzzoid are legitimate? Or is this whole system a scam?

We will address these concerns and other issues with respect to Buzzoid, so do not stop reading now.

What is Buzzoid?

Buzzoid logo

Buzzoid is an online service whose primary goal is to help people using Instagram for marketing to obtain real followers and engagement. They claim to cater solely to Instagram, so if you need help on other platforms, you need to keep looking for another multiple platform tool.

This is designed for Instagrammers who do not have the opportunity or time to expend a lot of effort working to build or grow their presence. They will do this on your behalf.

The concept is to get noticed by other users on Instagram. Usually, the most active accounts are the ones that will attract more users, which requires you to have ample followers and likes. That is where Buzzoid claims to be of service to you.

How does Buzzoid work?

Buzzoid work

The many years Buzzoid has been in business gives you a sense of confidence and trustworthiness about their claims. You feel like you will get what you pay for with them. You also expect them to offer a secure payment processor for your safety and security. While they claim to be dependable and trustworthy in appearance, do they really deliver as promised?

The bigger question is, do they offer real likes and followers, or is this really just another bot?

Buzzoid’s website says they will help you get a specified number of likes and followers depending on the bundled package you choose which we will address in a while.

Additionally, they claim that you will get your full order of likes and followers within just a few hours after your payment is complete.

This is a red flag warning if we have ever seen one, and we have.

This rushed service claim raises suspicion and concern about whether the followers and likes are real and from real people or generated via botting technology.

We are not exactly sure. Buzzoid claims to offer real followers by real people, yet we find this highly suspect.

You see, Instagram does not like botting tech, and its algorithm detects when somebody acquires a large number of followers so quickly. Your account will look suspicious which could cause you to get banned from the platform.

You should realize that buying followers and likes is a different thing that buying botting technology for likes and followers.

Buying engagement and followers is already considered questionable since there is no way to be sure whether the engagement and followers come from bots or real Instagram users.

If you are sensing risk about this kind of system and you want to try out automated services like this, be sure to check for better options.

Buzzoid’s Features

Buzzoid Features

You now know the basics about what Buzzoid does. So, now we need dive into the nuances of this system to show you what you are really getting.  Here are some features that they offer.

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Buying Followers

Buying followers is not a new method for giving your IG profile a boost. As a matter of fact, this method is quite common and can be effective as long as you are careful about the company you choose. Achieving higher numbers of followers is normally a long and tedious process, so, this is often a good method for beginners.

Remember that Instagram users notice when you have a large number of followers, but very few posts as well as fewer likes. Therefore, when these real Instagrammers come to your profile, your account will look suspicious to them. So, when you get a package of followers and a package of likes, it can appear more natural and less suspicious, though the investment will be bigger.

If you decide to buy Instagram followers, Buzzoid offers two solutions: High-quality or Premium followers. What’s the distinction between the two?

High-quality followers involve Instagram accounts with a feature profile image, but no posts or images on the profile. Premium accounts involve more activity and are for users who are serious about Instagram growth. The biggest issue is that high-quality profiles often get removed from your followers base via Instagram once the basically empty profile is detected. How does that make them high-quality?

So, if you plan to engage in the buying of followers from this company, go for the Premium option because the chance of the profiles being real are more likely than with high-quality followers.

Buzzoid offers from between 500 and 5,000 followers depending on the bundled package you choose.

One more time, there is no way we can promise you will get 100% genuine profiles!

Buying Likes

The same holds true when you buy likes. You can pick between High-quality or Premium likes.

Buzzoid claims all their followers and engagement is offered by real people, though we cannot be totally confident of that.

You get to choose an image (post) that you think warrants more attention and reach, then buy likes for that post.

Likewise, you have the option to split your likes amongst multiple images/posts. This is how you make it appear more natural and less suspicious. This way, one image post will not stand way out from your others, which can look less than real.

Buying likes incorporates video views, which is kind of wonky since Buzzoid also offers a different ‘Buy Views’ bundle.

Buying Views

If you are one to post videos on Instagram, views are what you need to get exposure to them. You may even require this engagement more than likes. Why?

Simply put, Instagram puts more value in views than they do likes, so they are more essential than likes. As far as Instagram is concerned, it is less important to them that someone likes a video than who viewed it for longer than three seconds. They are more likely to promote a video with views than a video with just likes.

Buzzoid claims to deliver only high-quality views from high-quality profiles.

Technically, buying views is less risky than buying followers since views do not get removed, while followers do.

If you are going to use Buzzoid to buy engagement, be sure to choose a package that suits your needs. Remember than followers and likes are not bundled, but separate purchases. Therefore, if you need both likes and follows, you could wind up spending quite a bit of money.

Buzzoid Pricing

As already referenced, Buzzoid offers separate bundles according to you want to buy. First, we will address followers.


Buzzoid Pricing Instagram Followers

In case you are keen on high-quality followers (an account with a profile image without other posts), the cost will range from between $2.97 to $39.99 for between 100 and 5,000 ‘High-quality’ followers.   

Premium followers are more expensive ranging from $11.99 to $84.99 for 500 to 5,000 followers. You will find on the website that there are fewer packages for Premium followers on top of this option being more expensive. We cannot be sure these followers are not from bots, but the expense could mean they are less like to be removed by Instagram.


Buzzoid Pricing Instagram Likes

Now we will talk about buying likes.  

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You have the option of choosing the kind of likes you prefer from High-quality or from Premium accounts. The pricing is not very affordable for all, especially if you are buying followers as well as likes.

Also, you will not get a free trial, so there is not try it before you buy it option with Buzzoid. If you want to take a chance on this service, we recommend that you buy a cheap package first to see if it suits your needs.

If you want to see the details about Buzzoid’s likes, followers, and views packages, you can look on their website and pick from their offerings.

Is Buzzoid legitimate?

Indeed, Buzzoid is by all accounts a legitimate company.

Their services offer 24/7 customer service and support, and their clients seem generally happy with what they are getting.

Be that as it may, we must scrutinize the credibility of their followers and engagement. The fact that we cannot be sure they are not using bots is a huge issue, particularly since Buzzoid claims you get every one of them in a matter of a few hours upon payment completion.

Instagram is likely to be less than happy about botting technology and if they decide to, they could disable or delete your account.

Is Buzzoid safe?

We think that Buzzoid is safe since they do not expect you to share your password and they do have a secured https website, so no worries there. You simply need to give them your email and Instagram username, which seems acceptable.

Concerning payment choices, they take all the major credit cards, and a PayPal alternative will soon be offered. If you are not comfortable giving your credit card information on a website, you should skip this company, or a least wait until they have PayPal options set up.

Pros and Cons

  • The service appears to be safe to use.
  • They offer 24/7 customer support.
  • You do have to share your credit card information.
  • They do not offer a PayPal or any other alternative to credit cards yet.
  • It is an expensive option for Instagram growth.
  • It does not grow your Instagram profile organically.
  • The genuineness of the followers is suspect.
  • Your Instagram account runs the risk of getting banned or permanently shut down.

Review Conclusion

Is Buzzoid the most ideal approach to become your Instagram account? All things considered, it just depends on how you prefer to engage and grow. We do not recommend this company because we are unsure about the use of bots for followers. We would not want to see anyone get their IG account banned or permanently removed.

While Buzzoid a genuine business and not considered a scam, we actually do not know the full story behind how they deliver likes, views, and followers to you. We are suspicious that this is a bot and that is not good. If it is not, then there is that.

Also, it is not very cost-effective, especially if you are on a tight budget. You will be paying for separate packages for likes and followers and then views if you decide to use that engagement for videos. Even separately these packages are not cheap, but when you have to buy more than one package, it adds up and it may not be worth it in the long run.

If as we suspect, the followers are coming from botting technology, it is simply not worth the risk in our opinion. Ultimately, the methods of Instagram growth and engagement you choose is completely up to you. We are just making recommendations in this review of Buzzoid.

If you truly want to grow your Instagram presence, choosing to do it organically is your best option. Much better than risking your account for bots. Our take on this is that Buzzoid is not a natural way to grow or engage either way.

You can find much better and more affordable tools and methods for Instagram growth that will put your account at risk. Therefore, we recommend looking at reputable and credible companies and agencies for your Instagram engagement.