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Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers (2021)

Author: Adam
Published:February 5, 2021
7 mins 54 secs
Best Place to Buy Real TikTok Fans

If you’re looking for a way to successfully get more followers on TikTok, then you’re going to have to really think outside the box – quite literally.

Thinking about outsourcing your engagement isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, especially if you end up signing up with someone who is less than impressive when it comes to reputation and services.

However, if you find the right person, you could end up really making a name for yourself, and watch your account grow as you find more and more of the right followers for your content.

Let’s talk a little bit about the best places to buy TikTok followers so that you have a great chance of success.

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers


TokUpgrade Review – Is it legit?

One of the things that you may be interested in knowing about Tokupgrade is that they take their security very seriously. This means that they encrypt any information that runs through their website, and they make sure to stick to TikTok’s terms and conditions, so you don’t have to worry about being suspended or banned for using them.

This is perhaps one of the most important features for a TikTok fan company like this to offer, so it definitely leaves a lasting impression.

Another thing that we love about Tokupgrade is that you’re going to really appreciate is that they are super honest about what you can expect regarding how many fans you’re going to attract each month.

The reality is that they can’t promise a certain number, and while this may be a bit of a let down if you had hoped to get a good grip on what it could be, this is actually a good thing.

This is because it means that they use authentic, organic growth, so only the people checking out your account are real and seriously interested in your creative content.

One thing that you may have noticed about engagement in social media if you’ve been around for a while is that it’s easy to automate it, but harder to make it result in real fans that are going to love what you do and support you for it for a long time.

With Facebook and Instagram monopolizing the social media world for a long time, it’s important that everyone who is serious about growing a solid account finds a specific niche.

Tokupgrade gets super specific with each and every client when it comes to what their targeted audience looks like. This way, they can find just the people who are within their niche and industry. If you want the right fans that are high quality and worth your time, try Tokupgrade.

Media Mister

Media Mister Tiktok

We’re going to switch things up for a second here and talk about a company that can offer you just as much opportunity when it comes to your TikTok fans, and more.

This is because Media Mister is known not only for being able to help their clients achieve their engagement goals with social media, but they can do this with all other aspects of your online presence as well. We think that there is a lot of merit in using many different social media sites to promote your product or service, or influencer if it’s you.

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Media Mister can make it happen everywhere, and the best part is that they break each and every platform down into different categories, so you get to choose which features you need purely based on the channel that you want to build up. If you want to get help with your TikTok fans, Media Mister has a list of specialized features for this.

We also appreciate that they have some pretty good price points too, and of course, they have good customer support – what would they be without it? They have a chatbox that you can find on their website, which means that you can get in touch with someone whenever you need to.

All in all, we think that Media Mister is a solid contender for one of the best places to buy real TikTok followers from.



You know it’s going to be good if they have ‘Tok’ in the title, and so far, Toksocial has done nothing but proved us right. Remember, there aren’t that many high-quality companies out there, so when you actually find them, it’s worth grabbing the opportunity with both hands.

Toksocial is a lot like another company on our list, Tokupgrade.

They both have pretty similar business models, which all rotate around, making sure that the customer is getting some of the best, most organic TikTok growth that they could find. This is going to go a long way to helping you find your ideal list of TikTok fans, who are going to want to interact with your content, not just now but for a long time to come as well.

When you use a Toksocial to get more fans looking at your content, you’re the kind of person who wants to grow their account organically. Toksocial wants to make sure that only the right audience is being connected to you, as they think that everyone else is going to be a waste of time.

Why would you want someone looking at your account if there’s a super low chance of them following you as a result?

Similar to Tokupgrade, Toksocial is upfront and honest with their clients about what kind of fan growth they can expect over certain time periods. They in no way shape or form promise a certain amount of fans because they know that with gradual, organic growth, there’s no telling what kind of numbers you’re going to attract.

We suggest avoiding companies that do seem to be able to promise an exact number because the reality is that they’re not going to be authentic, and their fans are going to be fake. If you want real followers and you don’t want to mess around with fake ones, go for a more trustworthy company like Toksocial.



As we mentioned previously, there aren’t that many companies out there that can be reliable enough to give you the kind of TikTok fans you really need. This is why when you come across a company like Followersup, you need to make the most of your opportunity.

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There is every chance of being successful on TikTok with Followersup – but there’s also a chance that you’ll be successful on LinkedIn as well, and even Instagram.

This is because Followersup has categories for most social media sites, meaning that you can grow every channel you feature your brand on within the same company.

This is the type of company we like to see, and you can trust us when we say that they’re worth what you pay for. Their prices are reasonable, and yet they offer an extensive list of features that can be interchanged when and if you need them.

One of the first things you talk to them about is which company you need help the most with, and they’ll take things from there. If you need help across the board and don’t even know where to start when it comes to your followers, try a company like Followersup.


Why Buy TikTok Followers?

So, what’s so great about TikTok, then, and getting more fans on TikTok? TikTok is a pretty big deal right now. You can find all of your favorite influencers on there, as well as others, and you can also make unique and unfiltered content that you’re not going to find on any other platform.

This originality has so far made a big impact on the younger generation, who are making the most of the world’s newest social media sharing app to make something of themselves. The more TikTok fans you have, the more credibility you’ll gain, similar to those other channels that you’re on.

Why Should I Use a Growth Tool?

So, why a growth tool, then? A growth tool is much preferred to purchasing your fans, followers, and likes because it is going to help your account be sustainable for a long time.

It’s always tempting to buy a set pack of fans that can be delivered to your account overnight, but the reality is that most of these are going to be fake.

This means that they won’t interact with your content, and eventually, they’ll unfollow you again. Using a growth tool is going to keep you safe out there, and make sure your account is followed by real people.

What About a Free Trial?

Always check out free trials where there are ones available. Remember, though, that you shouldn’t have to share your credit card details to do this, and if you are asked to, we don’t recommend it.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – the ultimate list of the best places to buy real TikTok fans so that you can give your profile the upper hand when it comes to your TikTok growth overall.

Remember, real fans will interact with your content, and continue to follow you long after they first discovered you, which is a great way to build an account that is here for the long run.

Try to avoid fake followers, as they’re going to end up harming your profile more than helping it.