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10 Best Places to Buy Instagram Followers Cheap

Author: Adam
Published:April 26, 2023
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Unfortunately, the Instagram world that we live in doesn’t make it easier to be popular. In fact, your pics can be of the highest quality – and you still don’t get any engagement.

The reality is that it takes a lot of commitment and time to gain real, genuine followers. Today, let’s take a look at whether it’s worth buying your followers and, if so, where to buy them from.

Best Place to Buy Your Instagram Followers Cheap

So, with all this being said, what is the best company to buy your followers from, then?

1. Social Viral

SocialViral - Logo

Social Viral is another company that can help you with so much more than just your Instagram growth. If you’re looking for a way where you can spend all of your money in one place and get everything sorted, then we recommend checking out Social Viral.

• Secure https site
• Secure payments
• Affordable pricing
• Great features

They make it super simple and easy to get on board with your Instagram growth the right way – and don’t worry, their engagement is authentic and high quality. You never have to worry about getting caught out with fake followers again.

2. Media Mister

Media Mister Logo 281

So far, the best place we’ve found to buy real Instagram followers is Media Mister.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy site to buy your Instagram followers from, then you need to consider Media Mister. This is the kind of company that knows how to do it all – from views and likes to Instagram followers, they’ve got you covered.

Perhaps one of the best things is that they can help you with other platforms as well, not just Instagram.

• Great features
• Can help with other platforms
• Good customer support
• Good pricing

That’s the other thing that we like about Media Mister – they have awesome features for other social media platforms as well, not just Instagram. This means that you can consolidate all of your social media engagement in one place.

3. Stormlikes


If you’re looking for a way to buy selected and genuine Instagram followers that are going to make your account look great, then you need to check out Stormlikes. The best part is that they can help you with likes and views as well, so you get to do it all through them.

• Chatbox
• Easy setup
• Great features
• Affordable pricing

If you need a company that can promise genuine engagement as well as results straight away, then you’ve come to the right place. The other thing that they promise is that their pricing is affordable, too, so you don’t ever have to worry about paying more than it’s worth.

4. FollowersUp


If you were tempted by Media Mister, then you’re also going to want to check out Followersup as well. These guys have a pretty similar service happening, which means that they can not only help you with your Instagram growth but with other profile growth as well.

• Great customer support
• Varied features
• Secure https
• Good pricing

All you have to do is choose which features you think will suit your personal needs, and then you can get started with them. They have safe ways to pay, and they make sure that they do all the work for you, so there’s no need to worry about having to do any of it yourself.

5. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta says that they’re all about helping their clients connect to high quality, free Instagram followers. One of the best things about this unique approach to their engagement is that you don’t have to complete any boring surveys. They have great reviews on Trustpilot and seem to be doing everything above board.

• Simple and easy setup
• No surveys
• Community-based
• Secure https site

This is the kind of company to go for if you’re willing to be a little bit more about the community in order to receive free engagement. After all, this is what Instagram is all about, so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for most of you.

6. Famoid


Famoid says that they are the new way of becoming famous. They can help out with a lot of different platforms, including Instagram, of course, and YouTube. They promise their clients that they have fast delivery, which is reliable, and they’ve got cold, hard proof of how their customers have found their services on their website.

• Great customer reviews
• Https secure site
• Great pricing
• Lots of features

They say that customer satisfaction is their top priority, and we’re inclined to believe them. They know what it takes to grow a successful Instagram profile, and they think that they’ve matched their features to reflect this. Check them out today and see the kind of real difference they can make to your growth in general.

7. SocialShop


SocialShop have an impressive number of good reviews from their customers because they deliver high-quality followers. This is unlike other companies who claim to provide real followers, but you end up with fake ones.

SocialShop is known for being affordable, safe and reliable. They utilize the most secure methods in the process of delivering genuine likes and followers to your account.

The million dollar question is: are they real? We’ve tested it a number of times and believe that they are.

8. SocialPlus


SocialPlus claims to be one of the only providers of high-quality Instagram followers, as well as likes that have real profile impressions.

Judging by their customer testimonials, we’re inclined to believe them. You can buy as little as 100 Instagram followers.

We think that they have a pretty good thing going on, and are trustworthy enough to make them worth your time.

• Chatbox
• Great customer support
• Varied packages
• Secure https site

One of the things that we like most about this company is that they let their customers choose how much or how little engagement they want. This means that you’re only going to pay for what you get – instead of having to pay for a more expensive, all-inclusive package.

9. AudienceGain

AudienceGain Logo 1

If you’ve got your brand or influencer on Instagram, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve got it on other platforms as well. AudienceGain already knows this, which is why they can help their customers not only with Instagram growth but with Twitter and YouTube growth as well.

• Lots of different features
• Great categories
• Quality placements
• You choose the promotion

AudienceGain is also attentive to the fact that everyone has a different engagement strategy, which is why they’re more than happy to customize their features where needed. If you are serious about your online growth and you want to make a real difference, you need to check out AudienceGain.

Alternatives For Growing Your Instagram

10. Stellation Media

Stellation Media Logo

While we’ve spent the last few minutes talking about how real followers can benefit your account, they’re not the only option. We also like the idea of using an organic growth service, and often we use both to really get ahead.

  • Stellation Media: Stellation Media is an excellent organic Instagram growth company that helps you to connect with local businesses and target your niche demographic. They provide you with real results, from real people.

Playing the Instagram Game

Playing The Instagram Game

Instagram is set up to be a community. This means that if someone engages with a post you publish or account, you’ll reciprocate that engagement and your account will grow, right?

If only it were that easy. While having an Instagram account is free, this doesn’t mean that everything else is. While Instagram doesn’t charge for any additional features, you’d be wrong in thinking that you can build your page up just by executing your own engagement.

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Maybe all those years ago when Instagram was first becoming popular, you could. Now, however, it takes more than a bit of engagement to float to the top.

While reciprocity is one of the biggest reasons why Instagram exists, sometimes it’s just not enough. This is because a lot of the accounts that you’re engaging with will either be fake or using bots for their engagement, which renders yours useless.

This begs the question: what do you do about this? How do you, essentially, beat Instagram at its own game? Well, there are many solutions – let’s take a look at one of these.

Buying Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram Followers

One option when considering the validity of your engagement is to buy followers. We don’t believe that there is anything inherently wrong with doing this – if it brings like-minded people to your page and increases your chances of success, why not?

In saying this, there are a number of reasons why you need to approach this strategy with caution. Unfortunately, not all companies out there who claim to sell you engagement will provide you with the real thing. There are seemingly endless businesses jumping on the Instagram engagement train and trying to make a quick buck out of selling you fake engagement.

What these businesses do is offer up fake engagement that will only stick so long as you are using their services. Once you are aware of what they’re doing and terminate your contract, the engagement will disappear from your account.

This results in a never-ending loop of disingenuous engagement – and nobody wants that.

Many people who buy engagement with these companies end up discovering that they have fake profiles on their account, which is something you definitely want to avoid.

What we’re trying to say is, just because you can buy 1000 Instagram followers for the price of a cup of coffee, doesn’t mean you should.

Let’s look at the positives and negatives of doing so:


  • You will experience an increase in your follow count.
  • Having more followers will make your account look credible and enticing to more followers
  • This will result in your account holding more influence on Instagram in general.


  • Followers that don’t engage are fake, which means they are completely useless and do nothing for your Instagram.
  • Fake profiles are targeted by Instagram’s algorithm and will be removed.
  • Whether you’re aware of the fake engagement or not, you could be suspended from Instagram or even banned.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are some companies out there who work with real people who they essentially sell to you because they know they’re going to be interested in your product or service. One of these reputable companies is SocialShop, which we consider to be a good source for purchasing followers.

The Way of Instagram

Instagram Followers 1

Having real followers who want to continue engaging with you play an essential role in your influence and reputation on Instagram. A lot of the time, people can spot fake profiles, which can cause your popularity to decrease amongst the true accounts.

If you fail in attracting real followers that will interact with your posts, your posts won’t be visible to the masses on Instagram. When it all comes down to it, they will only be visible to the fake engagement on your account.

What does this mean, then? It means that you can’t turn a fake follower into a buyer, which does nothing for your growth as a business.

Fake followers do not like your posts, or share them, or discuss your brand amongst their real-life friends and family. They’re nothing more than a red notification and a number on your list of followers.

This is because they don’t exist in real life – they aren’t real, at all. You need real people to help push your Instagram’s content to get it out there to more of your demographic.

While Instagram is mostly a numbers game, it wouldn’t be anywhere near anything like it is if it wasn’t for engagement. In fact, without engagement, those numbers are rendered entirely useless – in more ways than one.

Analytics of Instagram

Analytics of Instagram

This is where Instagram analytics come in. How can you measure the amount of real engagement you get when a lot of it is fake? The answer is, you can’t. There’s just no way of measuring your real engagement when counterfeit profiles and bots are damaging your algorithms.

Think of it this way. This type of engagement creates problems for you when trying to figure out how well a particular post is performing, or getting to the bottom of what your genuine followers think. This is what happens when you pay some third-party for a blanket number on your follower’s list.

The Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

The beauty of the internet is that there is now a multitude of ways to go about building a substantial Instagram following. While it’s a complicated business, there are resources out there that can help you get a grasp on having a successful Instagram page – especially if it’s geared towards your business.

Instagram is now the leading gateway to drawing people to your brand and using it as a portal through to your website or blog. Let’s take a look at some of the best, tried and true ways to grow an Instagram following.

Your Profile

Like Twitter, you only have a limited amount of space on your profile – 150 spaces, to be exact. Because Instagram is a social media platform centered on images, words are few and far between but strategically placed. Learning how to make the most of the few words you have in your bio will set you up well for having an attractive page and branding.

Make sure the name of your profile and your tagline fit in well with your branding. You want people to think of your brand when they read every image caption, let alone your bio. Keep it succinct but relatable, and relevant every time.


One of the biggest things to remember when starting a business Instagram page is keeping it public from the get-go. It’s all too common to scroll through potential pages and come across “private” time and time again.

While this is excellent protection in case there are certain people or groups you don’t want visiting your page, 99% of the time if your brand means business, you’re going to want your page to be public. This way it’s accessible to anyone who might come across it, increasing your chances of getting more followers.


To keep in the loop with what activity is going down on your page, you need to know every time someone comments or likes a post you’ve put up. Do this by going to “options” then “notifications” and make sure that you have selected the option to be receiving notifications “from everyone.”

Quality, not Quantity

There is a common misconception that the more posts you publish, the faster your Instagram will grow. While this might be true to a certain degree, the vast majority of people searching through Instagram and coming across your page are looking for images that draw them in and attract them.

If you focus instead on churning out as many posts as possible and disregarding their content completely, people will be more likely to skip over your content. Taking some time to learn a little bit about photography and picture editing will stand you in good stead and give you a head start on your journey to managing a professional looking Instagram.

Scheduling Your Posts

Now that you have your brand, concept, and content, you’re most likely going to want to jump straight on the horse and get posting. You want people to see your brand and look at what it has to offer, right? Don’t be so hasty. Posting on Instagram is a fine art and requires an expert knowledge of timing and patience.

Believe it or not, there are ideal times to post, depending on what your niche is and what part of the world you live in – you can find these times online. You can use one of the best Instagram bots to do this for you as well.

Breaking down your content into a regular drip-feed will help your brand to establish permanency on the platform, and promote your followers to be long-standing and loyal. Get to know Instagram’s peak times and how often you should post before going crazy with your pre-prepared content.


Like we mentioned earlier, as an image-dominated site, there’s not a lot to be done with words on Instagram. However, every post has the opportunity to write something beneath it, which you can use to your advantage.

While there is no limit to how much you can write on a post, its recommended to keep it short and sharp – unless your Instafamous, there aren’t too many people out there that are going to stop their day to read your two hundred word caption.

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The caption humanizes the content you post and helps your followers to feel like they understand you and your brand. Keep it relational and welcoming – this will portray you as likable. You can even pose your followers a question, or use a call-to-action in your caption to get the activity going.


One of the first lessons of Instagram is to know your hashtags. Hashtags are the glue that holds Instagram together, which means they are the glue that will keep your brand together. Be sure to pick hashtags to use on your content that is consistent and relating directly back to your niche, so that when people look them up, they can easily find you.

Feel free also to get creative and make a hashtag up that is original and unique to your brand – this will attract people to your page and have them asking what this new hashtag is all about.

Going about getting followers on Instagram isn’t rocket science.

It’s basic, common sense that arises from all the tools and features that Instagram already has available. It’s all about making the most of what you’ve got and using Instagram to favor you and your branding, ensuring you get the most out of having an Instagram business page.

Stay hard working and consistent, and before you know it, you’ll start to see those followers pour in.

The Easiest Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

With over 800 million active users, Instagram can help you establish your brand, increase its awareness and help you gain a huge social media presence.

That is, if people are following you. In order to get more Instagram followers, the first thing you need to decide is the reason is you are using Instagram for. Instagram is a great marketing tool for your business, brand or to help you become ‘Insta famous’.

When used correctly, Instagram’s social media platform will help you reach your desired audience no matter what demographic they fall under.

Pick a memorable username


As said before, on any social media platform it is important to have a huge presence, it is just as important to have a strong social media identity. That is why you should have a good username that helps people to identify with you.

Before picking a username you need to decide how you are going to represent yourself on Instagram. Don’t pick a generic username! Try to make it memorable and unique.

You username will be seen on your profile and when you write comments.

The Bio content and layout should be on point

Creating Content

Also on your profile, you have your Bio section. Here you should include a description that is very personal to you or your brand. Basically an outline of who you are and what you do.

Instagram is very different to other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter which allow you to add multiple links. On Instagram however, you can only add one link. This link must be added to your Bio.

Your selected profile picture is very important as it will be the first things a user sees when they view your post or click your profile. Again, it should be memorable and unique. A logo would be a good idea.

Make your Bio well organized, this can be done by spacing your Bio. Most people are not aware how to add spacing and line breakers in their Bio. This can be done and makes your Bio look neat and more aesthetically appealing. Appearance is a significant factor when trying to gain more followers on Instagram.

Your all-important content – photos and video clips

Brand Deal

Instagram is all about photos and videos, thus this is the reason why you must use high-quality ones. An app can be used to help you to take photos and to edit them. Once you decide the person you want to engage, your posts should reflect that message.

‘’A picture is worth a thousand words’’.

The pictures will be used to interest and build an emotional connection with your followers so make sure your pictures are good ones and shareworthy if you have any doubt do not post it.

Another option is to repost already popular content. Reposting content should be done by interacting with the user first. Then repost their content and follow them. It is more like this will result in a follow back.

Add captions

Instagram Caption Posts

Captions can be added when you post your photo or video content. A good tip is to ask a question here to encourage commenting and interaction.

When posting content share where you are and what you are doing. Tagging and location sharing is important especially if your business is located there.

Schedule the posts for maximum effect


When posting content be sure to post consistently, this will help to keep your audience engaged. You can also schedule a post. Instagram’s most popular times are generally between 7-9pm.

However this will depend on your location and targeted audience. It is a good idea to test posting content at different times and see which times deliver better results for you. Remember when posting content to post often but don’t go overboard.

Get using hashtags


Use relevant hashtags as this will help people that are using the same hashtag to find you. HashTagsForLikes is an awesome resource for finding these.

When using hashtags you can use an already popular one or create your own. The right hashtags are essential for effective marketing and helping define to the audience on Instagram what you are about.

Remember to use hashtags in every post but don’t use too many.

Do not forget about the Instagram stories and live feeds

Instagram Stories 1

Content pillars such as Instagram stories and live feeds can be used to your advantage when trying to gain more followers. They are recommended based on accounts you follow and posts you like.

Therefore, it is possible to get recommended by Instagram and have your story or live feed seen by a higher number of people.

Strategic comments

Comment Threading

Another important feature to note when trying to gain followers is to be strategic with commenting on posts. A common approach is the ‘follow, like, comment’ one. This might result in a follow back.

However, it is not guaranteed and very time-consuming. If you do not have the time to spend to do this but have a budget to invest then another option would be using an Instagram Bot.

If in doubt, use an Instagram Bot

Instagram bot

Even with Instagress gone – an Instagram Bot such as Follow Adder can perform repetitive tasks such as liking photos, making comments, and following people. Therefore, an Instagram bot will help you gain followers by using the same ‘follow, like, comment’ approach, but on autopilot.

It won’t just perform this on any random user. The automation tool will help select your desired user based on hashtags and settings.

Buy some followers – Do not overdo it!

Buy Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers is an option but should really only be used as a kick start when you do not have many followers, to begin with. The problem with purchasing followers is that there will be zero engagement with them as they are not real people.

It is recommended that when you have over 1000 followers you should stop doing this. No one likes looking at a profile with a bunch of fake followers and no interaction.

Try some of the steps mentioned above.

When using Instagram your following should always be more than your followers otherwise you will appear unpopular to people viewing your profile.

Always remember that no matter what approach you decide to follow, engagement is the key to gaining followers on Instagram.

Final Thoughts on Buying Instagram Followers

At the end of the day, buying engagement and followers for your Instagram account isn’t generally recommended, as we’ve discussed above. This is because most people consider it to be taking a shortcut and potentially unethical.

Consumers don’t like the idea of sub-par business practices. This means that if they find out you buy your followers, they’ll be less likely to continue engaging with you.

This means that unless you can be guaranteed that your purchased engagement is real or will at least look real, it’s not worth losing your Instagram reputation over.

While we consider it best practice to take time to work on building up your Instagram account ethically and organically, we still stand by our recommendation of SocialShop because it takes every precaution when delivering you its real engagement.

The followers that you will gain from SocialShop will be interested, active and directly related to your target industry.

Remember, while it’s always a good idea to build up your engagement relationships on Instagram when it comes to your business being online, it’s essential. It is what will be the difference between your business gaining clients or not.