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Build Your Empire University Review – Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Author: Adam
Published:May 10, 2024
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Build Your Empire University Review - Is It Worth It?

Build Your Empire University is a training program that has been designed to teach students all the ropes of launching a successful online career within a month; additionally, you do not require any prior experience, technical abilities, or a large social media following. 

Of course, all these sounds too good to be true. However, most Build Your Empire University reviews will only confirm these facts. 

Build Your Empire University Review

Build Your Empire University’s educational platform has been sub-divided into various stages – you will find several modules here that will be related to one another. You will also be provided homework so that you will be able to complete your course successfully. 

As for the pricing, you can try to Build Your Empire University for a week for only US$1. If you liked the experience, you will be charged US$99 per month. There is also a refund policy – if you did not like the week’s experience, you will get your US$1 back. 

In this review, we will talk about everything there is about Build Your Empire University and why it is such a great program. 

What Is Build Your Empire University?

Build Your Empire University

Before we get into the gist of this article, let us first learn some basics about Build Your Empire University.

As said previously, Build Your Empire University is a training program that has been created to promote the company, which is an Enagic and Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) brand. 

Here, you will learn how you can make use of ‘attraction marketing’ that can help you recruit more people into the company.

Additionally, you will also learn to build a decent online presence so that others can get in touch with you to learn more about Build Your Empire University. 

Overall, you will basically have to sell the phrase ‘be their own bosses’. For instance, you will learn how you can sell a water filtration system for thousands of dollars so that you can keep earning commissions from the sales. 

In this course, you will also learn how you can make use of ‘attraction marketing’ and social media paid ads to upscale your commission-based sales job.

If you want to do this job full-time, you will have to accept the role of a sales manager; this way, you will be able to sell more by encouraging your team. 

However, you also need to know that Enagic is not MLM – it is more like network marketing or direct sales. Hence, Enagic product distributors cannot be classified as employees. Instead, they hire other sales personnel to work for Build Your Empire University as ‘downline’ members. 

So, what is Multi-Level-Marketing? Well, this business is exactly what it sounds like. However, not all employees are engaged in MLM.

Overall, the training that is provided to them helps them know what they can do to promote Enagic MLM. 

But it is still unclear why so many programs are offered to people who want to learn the trades for earning money via Enagic.

In most cases, these handy programs tend to earn a bad reputation because the owners are simply looking for ways to make names for themselves. 

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Does Build Your Empire University Follow A Pyramid Scheme?

Build Your Empire University does not technically follow the pyramid scheme. Instead, the strategies used by the brand and Enagic may seem like pyramid schemes in the first place, since people can acquire education by ‘attracting’ others on their social media profiles into the MLM. 

When you look at it further, Enagic does not follow the pyramid scheme as well. Turmeric supplements and water-related machinery are sold by distributors so that they can earn some money.

Hence, it can be referred to as a pyramid scheme in disguise. Meanwhile, members are paid for recruiting new members into the company in pyramid schemes. 

On the other hand, Enagic will offer products and you will be able to earn money by selling them.

But the limitation here is that the amount of commission you earn by selling these expensive products is not a lot. Therefore, it is often recommended that you recruit a downline to sell any product in MLM. 

What Can You Find At Build Your Empire University?

Build Your Empire University promises to help regular people learn how they can start their online businesses in as little as US$1. As mentioned before, one does not need to have prior experience to learn how to do this.

This involves a step-by-step method that can help an individual from any corner of the world to generate additional income. Now, let us check what types of sections you could expect to find here:

Module 1 Consists of The Foundations

Build Your Empire University Module One

In the first module, you will be provided with relevant and helpful videos that will teach you everything there is about mindset. Additionally, you will also learn about various online opportunities and how to grab them. 

This module is considered a great platform for learning how the real world works. In fact, the final video in this module is all about entrepreneurship, which is very motivating. 

Module 2 Consists of The Discovery Process

Build Your Empire University Module Two

As you can guess, the second module is all about self-development and personal growth. Hence, you will find many videos where you will see Build Your Empire University’s members and their experiences. You will learn a lot from their success stories. 

The module will also include a worksheet so that you will be able to keep track of the topics being covered, which includes the ropes of achieving early success and also understanding how to set goals. 

Module 3 Consists of Business Launch Blueprint

Build Your Empire University Module Three

The third module will also show the testimonies of successful entrepreneurs that may motivate and inspire you in different ways. These people are very genuine and are not paid to say nice things. 

Overall, this module is considered the best because you will learn how you can practically implement your business idea or opportunity with more clarity. 

Module 4 Consists of Prior to Your Coaching Call

Build Your Empire University Module Three

The last module is quite a fun one and will help you understand why Build Your Empire University is so practical.

You will be taken through a journey where you will understand how the modules work right from the start so that you will be at a point to understand how to make your business more successful. This is an actionable phrase that is very professional and helpful. 

Additionally, you also get a few bonus modules as well, including The Mindset 101 Course and the Copywriting Mastery. 

In recent times, a few modules have been introduced as well that have not been displayed on the website officially; while they are not available for now, they will be added in the future.

These modules include Email Marketing 101, Facebook-specific Training, New Marketing Module V1, and Social Media Vault. On these modules, you will get the following benefits:

  • Access to bullet points and worksheets
  • Support channels for social media training, copywriting, marketing, and mindset
  • Personal coaching session
  • Weekly Live community and Q&A sessions
  • Programs with Exclusive and Affiliated partners
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Now, let us look into the design and usability of the modules and programs. Overall, you will find that the quality of the design remains consistent throughout the pages.

Build Your Empire University has put a considerable amount of time, energy, and money into providing the best user experience.

You will see that everything that is being offered is simple to understand and use, professional, and spotless. The high-definition videos and the subject matter will be delivered in a professional, concise, and clear manner. 

How Does Build Your Empire University Work?

Build Your Empire University 2

The steps that are involved in learning how Build Your Empire University work include:

  • Signing up to your account; you will have to deposit $1 for access
  • Next, it is all about the training modules and the videos
  • For additional support, you can get in touch with a professional coach for a free consultation

Once your week is up, US$99 will be automatically deducted per month from your debit/credit card. Hence, it is advised that you set up a reminder so that you will know when your membership may get canceled. 

As mentioned above, the modules and benefits will help you acquire some decent branding and marketing skills that you can utilize on social media.

Additionally, you will also learn how to make the best use of paid ads on social media and how these sales are scaled. 

You will have to promote some products; they include eight water ionizer machines by Enagic as well as some Ukon supplements. 

Apart from changing the pH of the water, these ionizers can also remove chlorine as well as offer other benefits, like:

  • The charged particles are removed from the electrolyzed reduced water with the aid of an electric current
  • Dissolved hydrogen gas is added to provide hydrogen-rich water
  • Lowers the number of antioxidants from oxidized water

According to research, this type of water offers certain health benefits, like:

  • Curing measles, cancer, and diabetes
  • Provides relief from heartburn
  • Boost metabolism
  • Rehydrates the body
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Slows down the aging process

One of the flagship products offered by Enagic is the K8, which helps achieve pH levels between 2.5 and 11. As such, the benefits include:

  • Best for drinking – 11pH (Alkaline)
  • Water for treating hair and skin – 6pH 
  • Removes pesticides from food items – 2.5pH (Acidic)

Is It Possible To Make Money Via Build Your Empire University?

Of course, it is possible to earn some money via Build Your Empire University. In fact, you simply need to sell water machines and recruit people to earn a good sum of money. 

What Is The Refund Policy Of Build Your Empire University?

One of the best aspects of Build Your Empire University is the refund policy, which also covers the trial period. As mentioned above, it just takes a single dollar to opt for the trial period of a week.

However, if you are not satisfied with the same, the company will refund the dollar as well. This only means that Build Your Empire University is a risk-free name and you will never lose your money if you are unsatisfied with the service. 

Review Conclusion

Overall, is Build Your Empire University a scam? The answer is no. This is a platform where you will get a straightforward and professional module course.

Additionally, the company also mentions that it will help you throughout the process.

All these factors will ensure that you become a successful entrepreneur. The online reviews you read about Build Your Empire University are only just the beginning of how truly successful it is.