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Boostlikes Review: Will Instagram Ban You for This?

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
7 mins 17 secs
Boostlikes Review: Will Instagram Ban You for This One?

What is the most rapid technique for getting more Instagram followers? You buy them, right?! While this is certainly the quickest and easiest tactic, it is not exactly the best.

What does that mean? Let us simply say that it is not the preferred method of Instagram. As a matter of fact, Instagram is not on board with that tactic. We will discuss it later.

There are gazillions of online IG growth services that will sell you followers and engagement. Boostlikes happens to be one of them. Like every other similar type of service, they promise you unbelievable results.

Do they make good on their guarantees? Or will you just be disappointed yet again?

It is a challenge to answer this in simple terms, but we can try to make it as plain as possible. The next few paragraphs of this Boostlikes review will address what we have uncovered about them so you can make smart choices.

What is Boostlikes?


Boostlikes likes to advertise their service as an online social media growth service. They cater to social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Their service supposedly sells real followers and engagement to users of the aforementioned social media networks.

If one were to try to sum up in a single word what this website is, we think it would be “egotistical.” Their webpages are loaded with positive client reviews and self-applauding portrayals. Additionally, there is a chart comparison that shows how Boostlikes is superior to its opposition.

Do any of their claims hold water?  We are not impressed or convinced.

During our research phase, we noticed that there are testimonials from disappointed clients. These people grumbled about Boostlikes for reasons we will discuss later in the review. Right now, we will simply say that their followers and engagement are not as authentic as they claim.

Let us take this a little slower and come up with some of the good things they do offer.

We do not like to rush into negativity from the get-go, because there are a few beneficial things about it. For instance, it has been around for many years. After all, surviving in the digital realm usually means a business is doing something right.

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How Does Boostlikes Work?

BoostLikes Services

To begin using Boostlikes, you jump over to their site Do not, I repeat, do not accidentaly go to, which is an entirely different website.

On their homepage, select the social media platform that needs a boost. As we mentioned, they cater to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. We are supposing you are interested in the Instagram platform since you are reading this review. Therefore, we will make that our focus for this review.

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Boostlikes lets you buy followers, comments, and likes for your Instagram account. Additionally, they offer auto-likes for your engagement.

Select the quantity of followers or engagement that you desire. Then paste or input your IG account URL and pay for the service. The company is then supposed to deliver your preferred engagement to your IG profile. We say “supposed to” in light of the fact that there have been occurrences when they delivered less than they promised.  

Beside this, there are some reported issues with Boostlikes’ activities. The most egregious buying this kind of engagement is against Instagram’s terms, policies, or rules. This platform is known to suspend or ban IG accounts that use this kind of service to boost their engagement.

Boostlikes’ Features

This section is dedicated to Boostlike’s features. We have essentially already referenced the majority of them, however now we will cover them in detail. As usual, I we will concentrate on the features used for Instagram.

Instagram Followers

Buying followers is the principal feature of the Boostlikes IG app. You can order from 500 to 50K at a time.

According to their website, they deliver authentic profiles that will engage with your IG content. Additionally, they claim that once you get them, they will stay with you forever with no drop offs.

To us, it sounds unrealistic. Do you think the same?

Well, it is not completely true.

By and large, users get all the followers for which they paid. Some of them are genuine records, while others are clearly bots. The bots are commonly detected and removed by Instagram. Their level of phony profiles differs, so no one can accurately guarantee how many of these followers you may lose.

Instagram Engagement

With regards to engagement, Boostlikes delivers auto-likes, comments, and likes.  Likes and comments are bought per post, while auto-likes are a month-to-month delivery. In the two cases, you can pick the quantity of units that you need to purchase.

When it involves comments, there is no way to know what they will say. Boostlikes says that the comments are all from real people to try to keep them looking natural. It is not irrational to question this, but rather we cannot confirm that it is bogus.

As we said before, buying bulk followers and engagement is not a wise decision. Instagram does not permit it, so that could be problematic to your account.

What are the odds that you will get caught buying engagement?

It honestly relies upon the number of comments and/or likes that you purchase. For instance, if you buy several thousand comments/likes, you will assuredly get caught. However, a few hundred could keep you under the algorithm’s radar.

Be sure to do your homework about this service and others like it before you invest in buying engagement or followers.

Boostlikes Features for Other Social Media

Beside Instagram, Boostlikes caters to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as mentioned earlier. This company actually gained their popularity by selling Facebook engagement, which is still their primary deal. They offer exclusive freebies for Facebook only.

For Twitter, they sell retweets, likes, and followers. Their YouTube engagement involves buying subscribers and views.

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Boostlikes Pricing

Boostlikes is not an inexpensive option if that is what you want. A bundle of 250 Instagram likes for one post will cost you $21. That sort of moolah will get you a month-to-month subscription along with other growth services.

Interestingly, their prices are flexible. You can pick a specific number of followers or engagement that you need, which is rare. Only a few of this kind of service provider does this.

The website has a slider method of choosing how many likes, comments, or followers you want. The slider allows you to change the amount of your chosen engagement. You will see the price change to the right of the slider as you slide it up or down.

This company accepts cryptocurrency or credit cards for payment.

Is Boostlikes Legit?

Boostlikes is by all accounts a reasonably genuine service. We noticed that they have withstood the trial of time, however there is still something about them that is off-putting.

We discovered not very many real Boostlikes reviews left by their clients. All the ‘testimonials’ we saw came from their own site, which means they are most likely phony.

There is nothing about this website on or This absence of clients’ reviews gives us reason to pause and think twice about its safety and efficacy.

Is Boostlikes Safe?

We hesitate to claim that Boostlikes is completely safe to use with your IG or any social media accounts. Notwithstanding, we cannot find confirmation to make such a statement right now in any case.

Their site and payment systems are secure. You can pay in cryptocurrencies, which is one of the safest methods of making purchases online.

Our biggest concern relates to buying this engagement and/or followers, which may get you banned from Instagram. We did uncover a couple client testimonials to verify this. In any case, we know there are ample services that are much like Boostlikes have caused Instagrammers some problems.

Pros & Cons

  • You will quickly notice and uptake of followers and engagement.
  • This online growth service has been doing business for quite a while.
  • A portion of their followers are fake.
  • Instagram will likely remove some of your followers.
  • You could get suspended or banned.
  • This is not the least expensive company in the industry.
  • They offer no free trail for Instagram.
  • There is no mention of long-term results.

Final Thoughts

Is Boostlikes going to help boost your Instagram account?

It could, however we do not see how it could produce effective long-term results. Boostlikes will furnish you with some replacement engagement help sometimes, but those results are likely to quickly fade away.

Rather than purchasing followers or likes, it is better to try to boost them naturally. This can be done through the right services. You just need to know how to spot the good from the bad. That is why you should read reviews like this one.

Once again, we cannot claim that Boostlikes is a total scam. We can however, recommend that you find something more cost-effective and less risky to protect your Instagram account from getting suspended or banned. That is just our recommendation because the decision is ultimately up to you.