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11 Best Instagram Likes Apps to Get More Likes (2021)

Author: Adam
Published:March 8, 2021
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Best Instagram Likes Apps to Get More Likes

No matter what type of content you create or what brand you are trying to promote, Instagram has become the social media platform where you can truly get real engagement and make a name for yourself.

Many businesses and public figures have started a successful business through Instagram. Moreover, even for a lot of normal users, getting likes, followers, and positive comments feels good. Everyone loves getting likes on their photos and videos on Instagram, regardless of whether they have a business or personal account.

However, with thousands of people joining this platform and more users contributing to an endless sea of content every day, how is one supposed to get any attention? Well, this is where an Instagram likes app service comes into the picture. By availing the help of this service, you can enhance the number of likes you get on your Instagram posts.

Now, before you go browsing through the internet, searching for services that can help you with getting more likes, keep in mind that there are numerous companies that provide poor services. They might be using bots and automation, which will probably get your account shadowbanned or even banned.

But, you need not worry, because in this article we will provide you with a list of the best Instagram likes app services that practice the most legitimate methods to get you likes from real followers. Keep reading to find which company can fulfill your requirements.

Best Instagram Likes Apps

1. Growthoid


Growthoid is one of the leading companies that assists you in growing your Instagram account by practicing organic methods. It offers you real followers and completely refrains from using bots and automation. So, every like that you get on your post will be coming from a real follower.

Moreover, Growthoid lends you its services for a favorable price. It understands the needs of your brand and develops a plan that targets users who will definitely be interested in your content.


  • You will have access to an account manager who will work with the information and instructions you provide them.
  • Its services produce results for a plethora of industries.
  • It has a 14-day refund policy, in case you do not find their work satisfactory.  
  • There are live chat and email options for customer support in case you have any queries or are facing technical difficulties.
  • It blacklists accounts that you want to avoid.

2. More Likes

More Likes

More Likes, as the name suggests, is a simple Instagram likes app service that provides likes for all the content that you upload. All you have to do is select the number of likes that you want on your new post and More Likes takes care of the rest. You can even decide on the speed at which your likes will be delivered. With the help of their network of real users, it provides likes for your content in real-time.


  • More Likes has developed a system that is compliant with Instagram’s agreement policies, so there won’t be any chances of your account getting banned or blocked.
  • It offers very flexible plans for the number of likes you want to be delivered, starting from 50 likes per post for $9.99 a month.
  • It has a 30-day refund policy for all of its plans. 
  • In case you come across some technical issues, you can get help of its tech support team that works 24/7.
  • Its payment gateways are secured with SSL encryption to ensure a safe transfer and to prevent any cyber threat.

3. GrabLikes

Similar to More Likes, GrabLikes provides an Instagram likes app service through which it sends likes to your posts whenever you upload them. No longer will you need to worry about the engagement on your feed. With the help of GrabLikes, you can purely focus on creating content.


  • You get the option of delaying the speed at which the likes will be delivered to your Instagram account to avoid falling under the suspicion of Instagram’s algorithm.
  • The likes are provided by accounts that seem authentic and legitimate.

4. Growthsilo


Growthsilo is an Instagram likes app tool that promises its clientele a wide reach and high engagement, which will help you generate revenue through your followers. The company has even received a vote of confidence from giant brands like Forbes. It grows your online presence by targeting your potential followers and audience and doesn’t resort to using automation or bots.

More importantly, it only delivers likes from relevant and human followers. Its clientele consists of everyone ranging from established businesses and agencies to new influencers, to name a few.

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  • It designates a dedicated account manager after you sign up and choose a plan. The account manager then understands the requirements of your account and targets users who will find your content interesting. It does all of this manually.
  • Growthsilo offers you very affordable plans. The two plans that it offers are a “Launch plan,” which is priced at $69 per month and the “Accelerate plan,” which is priced at $129 per month.
  • It also provides you with the option of blacklisting certain users and a gender filter.
  • Even though it doesn’t offer a free trial, it does have a great refund policy. In fact, Growthsilo provides you with two options if you do want a refund. For the “Launch plan,” you can ask for your money back within 14 days of using its service and for the “Accelerate plan,” you can ask for a refund within 30 days of usage. Moreover, the company has made the process of getting a refund extremely simple.
  • If you use Growthsilo to get likes on your posts, you won’t have to worry about your account getting terminated or blocked. Its practices are completely compliant with Instagram’s terms of service.
  • Lastly, it completely secures your data by using highly safe encryption.

5. Stormlikes


Stormlikes is a social media growth tool that sells likes for your Instagram posts and helps boost your account’s popularity. It also provides you with a range of services that consist of targeting users by selecting their country, age, and gender, amongst other components. Furthermore, it offers its services at a very nominal rate. 


  • You can set the speed at which likes and comments appear on your posts.
  • It offers the feature of matching your likes and comments. For instance, if you have ordered 30 likes, they can be matched with 30 comments.
  • All of the likes come from real users and the company guarantees that it works according to Instagram’s terms of agreement.
  • Stormlikes offers a free trial, in case you are unsure about the quality of its work.
  • Stormlikes has a customer support team that works around-the-clock.
  • You can pay through PayPal with any major debit card or credit card.
  • Its site is safeguarded with encryption and it completely secures your personal information.

6. is one of the most reputable and in-demand Instagram likes app companies in the industry. It helps expand your reach and sells you likes from genuine users. The company charges you a nominal fee in exchange for its services.’s team is well aware of what to do and what not to do on Instagram when it comes to marketing and delivering likes. Moreover, keeps on improving its services as it keeps up with all the Instagram updates. This helps them avoid any penalties with relative ease.


  • produces results almost instantly once you sign up with them. By providing your posts with real likes, it is able to get your posts ranked higher on your follower’s news feed. This makes your profile appear more credible.
  •  It offers very reasonable pricing plans. The rates of its services start from $3.49 for 50 likes.
  • also offers auto likes. The price for this feature starts at $19.9 for 50 likes.
  • Other than likes, it can also help you increase your follower growth count. This is especially helpful if you are running your business as it makes you appear popular and you can monetize off of that influence.
  • The followers that it brings to your account are completely real. Their team works diligently to prevent any fake traffic from reaching your account.

7. Task Ant

Task Ant

Task Ant is a social media growth tool that generates relevant hashtags to get you more likes from a specific niche than you generally do. In fact, it even organizes your hashtags in a certain way that helps you rank higher on your target audience’s feed. Moreover, you can create a free account on Task Ant and come up with a hashtag strategy right away. 


  • You can receive the best results as well as numerous other relevant hashtags by typing in any hashtag into its generation tool. All the results can be placed in conjunction with your original set of hashtags.
  • Task Ant places the utmost importance on cybersecurity. Hence, it has secured its website by encrypting it with HTTPS.
  • You can find its pricing plans quite easily by scrolling down the home page.
  • Task Ant’s services are pretty cheap. It offers three price plans with the first one being free to use. The second plan is priced at $12.00 a month, and the third one costs $20 a month.
  • If you want to dig deeper into its services, then you can visit its ‘about’ page. It provides you with a lot of information regarding the company and its practices.
  • In order to sign up, you need to fill out a form where you have to provide your email address and phone number. This helps them contact you whenever they update their features or make changes to their services.
  • The company also secures its payment methods and gateways with encryption.
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8. SocialViral


SocialViral is a social media growth tool that provides likes, views, and followers for your Instagram posts and other social media platforms. Its followers seem authentic and deliver likes to your posts, which helps your account expand its reach by gaining popularity and attracting the attention of potential followers.

According to the current algorithm set by Instagram, accounts are only able to gain favor and rank high on users’ feeds if your account is experiencing high engagement. This is what SocialViral helps you in accomplishing. 


  • It offers a stable service that produces results safely and quickly. Plus, it dispatches likes on your posts instantly after you sign up. The same goes for story views.
  • It makes sure to add followers pretty safely within a specific period of time that helps your account avoid falling under the suspicion of Instagram’s algorithm.
  • The process of signing up with Social-Viral is pretty easy. All you need to provide is your account URL.
  • Its pricing packages are very reasonably priced, starting as low as $1.49. In fact, it is one of the most affordable services on this market.

9. Media Mister

Media Mister - Instagram

Media Mister is an Instagram likes app company that is based in Arizona. It was founded in 2012, which makes it the longest-running social media growth platform as of now. It delivers real likes and followers to over 50,000 satisfied customers, while using methods that are compliant with Instagram’s terms of service.  


  • Its ordering process is fast and easy. All you need to provide is your Twitter username and you’re ready to go.
  • Media Mister accepts payments via credit cards, American Express, PayPal, and even some cryptocurrencies, exclusively Litecoin, Ethereum, Neo, and Bitcoin.
  • Media Mister equips its customers with a variety of tools that range from likes, and shares, to favorites and comments.
  • If you are dissatisfied with its services, you can demand a refund policy within 30 days of signing up.
  • The company keeps your personal information completely private and doesn’t share it with any third-party companies.
  • It has a customer support team who you can message directly through live chat if you are experiencing any technical difficulties. Otherwise, you can fill out a contact form on the company’s website or send them an email. However, its tech support team can only message you back during normal business hours as they don’t work around-the-clock. However, they do have a quick response time. If you contact them during business hours, they respond within a few minutes whether it’s via email or live chat.

10. Followersup

FollowersUp Instagram Likes

Followersup is anotherInstagram likes app service provider that helps its clients in growing their presence on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Founded in 2017, Followersup provides likes and followers from users that appear pretty real and active.


  • Its website has a user-friendly interface and it points out all the important elements of its services. This helps users navigate their way around the website pretty easily.
  • The biggest number of followers this firm has delivered so far is 25,000 Instagram followers within 3 days.
  • Followersup can provide you with 25,000 likes within 48 hours.
  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.  
  • Followersup also offers a free trial run.
  • You can pay them through bank transfer and PayPal.
  • You can get help through its customer support service via two email addresses, for affiliate inquiries and for general questions.

11. Nitreo

Nitreo Review & Discount Coupon!

Nitreo is an online Instagram likes app tool that delivers real likes and authentic followers safely and quickly. The company can even like, follow, and view stories of other accounts for you. This makes your account seem more legitimate. Plus, the engagement on your end makes more users follow you back.

It completely refrains from using bots. Instead, it makes use of a combination of real users and artificial intelligence to get the job done. Essentially, Nitreo engages with real people in a way that you would. 


  • It offers a targeting system that helps you set the location of your followers.
  • It also offers a hashtag generator that helps you end up on the feeds of your target demographic.
  • Nitreo offers account managers who engage with real users.
  • Your account information will be safeguarded.
  • Nitreo has worked with over 77,000 satisfied customers.
  • It offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, in case you are unhappy with its services.


You can make the most of numerous Instagram likes services and apps that you can find online. However, we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of those companies.

But, if you do decide to take the help of the above-mentioned services depending on what your requirements are, we can guarantee that you will witness a high level of engagement and experience growth on your Instagram account.

We hope that this article has helped you gain a better understanding of these types of Instagram tools so that you can sign up with the right company.