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18 Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs

Author: Adam
Published:May 10, 2024
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Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs

With laws and regulations surrounding CBD-related products becoming more lenient, the market for CBD is thriving and enabling new markets. Its popularity in the health industry has skyrocketed because of its perceived health benefits in recent years.

Numerous medical studies conducted thus far have proven that using CBD products can be beneficial to your health. To provide a few instances, it has been very effective in treating chronic pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and in some cases, even childhood epilepsy syndromes.

All of the aforementioned developments have led to projections of a billion-dollar industry. Furthermore, a lot of investors have started taking a keen interest in this market as it promises great returns in the future, with many of them snapping up stocks of companies in the cannabis sector. Suffice to say, that it has become a widely appreciated product amongst the people.

This phenomenon has given rise to many writers, influencers, and social media marketers to use affiliate marketing and create a lucrative business based on people’s interest in these products. In fact, you too can get in on the action!

There are many programs for CBD oil affiliates that are giving people a chance to earn additional income. All you have to do is find effective ways of promoting these CBD products. Once your followers buy from the CBD offers, you earn a commission.

And, that is what we’ll be breaking down in this article. We’ll provide you with a list of CBD companies that not only pay great commissions but also offer discount codes and have the best cookie durations.

Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs

1. Pure Hemp CBD

Pure Hemp CBD

Pure Hemp CBD is a brand that offers its customers a varied line of products that consists of protein powders, capsules, merch, traditional CBD oils, pet goods, and more. All of the products are tested by a third-party to maintain a standard of potency and safety. Furthermore, they conduct sampling parties in order to receive feedback on flavors and products.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 40%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate software/network: Refersion

2. RevOffers CBD Affiliate Program


RevOffers is a leading affiliate network for CBD-related products and commission offers in the industry. It gives out some of the highest payouts and the topmost converting offers. Moreover, it curates and brings forth high-quality products that have been lab-tested by third parties.

Not only that but they have over 20 CBD offers on their network. So, by working with them, you will definitely generate commissions and consistent revenue for every month.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: High CPA (Over $60) and RevShare (25+%) Payouts
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Recurring commissions on some of their offers
  • Highest quality CBD products
  • Affiliate software/network: Great Affiliate Management Team

3. Joy Organics

Joy Organics

Joy Organics has built up a reputation of bringing quality products to their consumers and that too at very reasonable prices. It provides a line of CBD products that are completely organic and made in the United States. Also, it offers a plethora of products that have been created to help people afflicted with various medical issues.

Joy Organics offers you a vast selection of various products that you can choose from on your affiliate website. Whether it’s vape pens, oils, tinctures, energy drink mix, dog treats, skin and facial creams, or capsules that have melatonin included with CBD in order to help with sleep troubles, Joy Organics has it all.

Combined with their reputation, a generous commission rate of 25%, and a massive product catalog, Joy Organics makes a very strong partner when it comes to promoting CBD-based products.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 25%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Pay period: Twice per month

4. SabaiDee Affiliate Program


SabaiDee is a CBD company that provides CBD oil, which is all about helping its customers with anxiety and making them feel at ease. Its strength lies in developing high-potency natural hemp oil tinctures of high quality.

You’ll receive a 20-25% commission on purchases and monthly payments via PayPal by working with the company as an affiliate. Visitors who use your link will get 30-day cookies on the site. Moreover, its website is designed to provide high conversion rates, create high order value with each purchase, and is user-friendly.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 20-25%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Monthly payout via PayPal
  • High converting website

5. Hempbombs


Hempbombs is a company that provides its customers with natural CBD products at very affordable prices on the market. Their main focus lies in creating a positive customer experience, which has served them very well in making sales. Their line of products consists of tinctures, vape juices, pain rub, capsules, syrup, and gummies.

Overall, it’s a great company to work with if you join its affiliate program. Its high conversion rates have made it very popular amongst its affiliates. This facility to earn indirect revenue through affiliate programs, the fun marketing tactics, and simple pay structure, add up to make it a sought after brand.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 20% starting
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Weekly payouts
  • Highly engaging marketing content
  • Affiliate software/network: Sub-affiliates facility

6. Anavii Market

Anavii Market

Anavii Market is an online marketplace that offers numerous hemp-derived CBD brands based on quality control. It constantly keeps people informed about its products and other news regarding this industry with its blog, a knowledgeable customer success team, advocacy efforts, and personalized Wellness Pal quiz.

By reviewing practices that require third-party lab testing and company values, the company carefully vets the brands that it sells. By working with it, you will be leading your followers to a legal, trusted, and safe destination for high-quality CBD.

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Anavii Market is very hands-on when it comes to managing its affiliate program and offers personalized support. Every partner on Anavii Market is unique and always game to get creative with you!

Program highlights:

  • Commission: Starts at 15%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate software/network: Affiliatly

7. Green Goddess Supply

Green Goddess Supply

Green Goddess Supply offers its customers premium smoking, CBD, and cannabis supplies that are stylish and compliment their lifestyle. The price for their bundles and starter kits ranges from $70-$100 with free shipping on orders over $50 in the US.

Furthermore, it runs a very popular website, which regularly experiences high levels of traffic. The company is pretty savvy with its social media. This makes it easier for you to understand what its target market is like and how you can promote some of its products.

However, what makes this such a great affiliate program to join is how it operates. Green Goddess Supply equips its affiliates with a number of tools that help make your life easier. It provides you with the state of the art tracking technology, optimized graphics, banner ads, and other resources to help you take charge of your lead conversions.

You also get the option of creating your own links with their custom link tool, which is very easy to use. Affiliates can earn increased commissions of 12% for $500-$1,499 in sales up to 18% for $3,000+ in sales.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 10%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Affiliate software/network: Green Goddess Supply Affiliate Program

8. Green Roads CBD Affiliate Program

Green Roads CBD

Green Roads is a company that got its start by creating CBD products for its friends and family members. Its organic products and oil are derived from natural hemp plants with the main focus on improving its customer’s health.

What’s great about Green Roads hemp is that it is grown on American farms. So, this ensures that its products haven’t been treated with chemicals or anything else that might contaminate them, such as heavy metals, solvents, or harsh pesticides. Moreover, the company gets its products tested by an external lab to ensure the highest standards of purity.

Now, Green Roads isn’t the biggest CBD based company out there, but smaller businesses tend to offer better customer support from an affiliate perspective. However, what really makes it stand out and worthy of your attention is its ‘Power Rank’ score of 42. This means that Green Roads ranks in the top 50 affiliate programs out of the tens of thousands in the industry.

The firm is also happy to generate custom discount codes in case you need them. But, this is something that you’ll have to discuss with the company because it has had some negative experiences in the past. We are sure that you’ll be able to strike a deal that works for both of you.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 12%+ per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • EPC: $231.52
  • Affiliate software/network: Green Roads affiliate program

9. Savage CBD

Savage CBD

Savage CBD is a company based in California that provides a variety of high-quality CBD products to a vast consumer base consisting of regular consumers to complete novices. This company had originally started out under the name “Savage E-Liquids” in the e-liquid industry. The Savage CBD flavors are some of the best in the industry.

As it is with many companies in this field, Savage CBD creates products and oils that help provide relief to people who are afflicted with various medical illnesses. It is always willing to collaborate with quality publishers who will help introduce its THC-free, lab-certified CBD products to customers searching for organic and safe CBD of the highest quality.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: Up to 35%
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Regularly updated coupons and offers
  • TM+ PPC is allowed where permitted
  • Savvy social media marketing
  • New deals every week

10. CBDPure


CBDPure is one of the leading providers of CBD oil. Its products are formulated with care and using only organic hemp oil and pure CBD extract. CBPPure grows its products in Colorado and ensures that it’s free of additives and contaminants. In addition, the company gets its product quality tested by an independent third-party lab.

CBDPure offers high-quality CBD Oil that comes in three different strengths. All of its tinctures are absolutely pure and not addictive by any means. Moreover, it makes sure that its products are completely free of artificial ingredients. So, it won’t affect your health negatively.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 40%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate software/network: In-house custom

11. WillowCBD


WillowCBD offers hemp-extracted gummies, oil, tinctures, and topicals that are grown in Colorado to ensure high quality. All of its products are developed using an extraction method that takes place in sub-zero temperatures. This method helps keep the product more organic and produces CBD that is clean, effective, and potent.

WillowCBD has a polished website that is created and optimized for conversions, which is a perfect way to introduce your users to a unique product. The great thing about WillowCBD is that it will review your application within 24 hours. Once approved, you’ll be in talks with an affiliate manager to figure out tactics and methods to generate revenue straight away.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 25% base commission for all sales
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • The application gets reviewed within 24 hours

12. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web

The Charlotte’s Web strain of cannabis was popularized by a patient named, Charlotte Figi. Charlotte Figi was a young girl who was afflicted with a rare type of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome. In order to gain relief from seizures, Charlotte’s caregivers and family were able to get her a unique strain of medical cannabis that was developed to have a high concentration of CBD and was completely THC-free. It helped bring her seizures down to just a few per week instead of multiple every day.

Because of the media coverage regarding this news and this particular strain, Charlotte’s Web has become extremely well known amongst people as a very effective CBD product.

Charlotte’s Web affiliate program is extremely sought after. It provides you with numerous products, all of which have been designed from Charlotte’s Web hemp strain. You may want to check out its various facilities as it’s a very well-reputed CBD brand.

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Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 15%
  • Cookie duration: Unknown
  • Products carried: Capsules, topicals, oils, and pet products
  • Pay period: Twice per month

13. Vape Bright Affiliate Program

Vape Bright

Vape Bright has become a favorite amongst people because of its CBD vape pens that are extremely potent. As an affiliate, you get a 10% off coupon code to promote Vape Bright. You can use this as a tool to incentivize your audience.

By working with this company, you also gain access to the RevOffers network as it helps manage Vape Bright affiliates. This is great for you as you will gain access to more CBD oil brands all through one source.  

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 25%
  • Cookie duration: 90 days

14. Receptra


Receptra is a company based in Colorado that creates products from hemp extract. It creates high-quality CBD based extracts and topicals for its customers. Receptra is completely family-owned. In fact, its products have been endorsed by numerous athletes and ambassadors from the NHL, NFL, and the UFC.

Receptra equips its affiliates with a wide selection of reporting tools, banner ads, keywords, text links, and other resources that will help you generate revenue very easily. Most importantly, because of its great reputation amongst famous athletes, Receptra’s products are very easy to market to fitness enthusiasts.  

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 20%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

15. HoneyStick


HoneyStick is an award-winning vaping accessory brand that creates the best cannabis vaporizers known to the industry. It created and introduced the world to the first sub-ohm vaporizer. Moreover, it continues to build state of the art vaping tools and accessories. It offers a wide variety of vaporizers for essential oil, CBD oil, cannabis dry herb, concentrates, and wax.

HoneyStick offers its affiliates with all the marketing tools and materials required to promote its products effectively. The usual ticket size ranges from $100-$115 for any takers and it keeps introducing new high ticket products. This can lead to higher commissions and orders if you choose to work with the company.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 15%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate software/network: HoneyStick Affiliate Program/Refersion

16. CBD Choice

CBD Choice

CBD Choice provides its customers with a diverse range of the industry’s most reputed and most revered brands. So, forming an affiliate alliance with CBD Choice would prove to be very beneficial for you. By becoming partners with the firm, you get an opportunity to earn money from various manufacturers and brands that are already pretty well established.

Additionally, CBD choice has an engaged support staff that knows how to treat its partners. Its entire inventory has been curated very carefully. Every product on its site has been laboratory tested for safety and purity.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 25%
  • Cookie duration: 60-day cookie
  • Pre-made banners and marketing materials
  • Responsive support
  • Payouts every-other Friday

17. Cannastick


Cannastick brings forth an eclectic choice of easy to carry vape pens in the CBD industry. It works really well with a range of wax, oils, and dry herbs. As a brand, it is very easy to promote. For instance, their starter kits are very reasonably priced. This makes Cannastick’s product very easy to promote to anyone new to the vaping world.

Moreover, Cannastick is a very recognizable brand. Its products have been featured on numerous mainstream news websites in the current years. To name a few, sites like Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, and Forbes have given a lot of props to Cannastick in their features.

So, you don’t have to worry about issues with the brand’s image here. Furthermore, it won’t be difficult to convince people to buy into this brand as they can trust this company. As an affiliate, this makes your job a whole lot easier.

Its affiliate program is managed extremely well. It equips you with a number of tracking tools that you can use to your advantage. Also, you get a bonus of $25 for signing up, which makes its affiliate program very attractive. You get numerous opportunities to earn a commission as it’s all based on how many customers you can bring in.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 20% – 30% depending on the sales
  • Cookie duration: You can earn a commission during this period depending on how long your affiliate link stays open after someone clicks on it.
  • Affiliate software/network: Cannastick affiliate program

18. True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank supplies the best cannabis seeds and that too in various strains. This company offers some of the most potent seeds in this field. It also provides a platform to its customers, farmers, and start-ups. Furthermore, many CBD based companies require seeds to develop their products. This creates an opportunity for you to market to a different group of customers.

Moreover, True North Seed Bank brings forth a number of CBD-related products. To name a few, it offers grinders and vape pens, amongst other products. Obviously, when a company puts out a range of products, you are equipped with more things to advertise. This can help you in generating and converting more leads.

True North Seed Bank has one of the most profitable affiliate programs in the industry. You can earn a pretty handsome commission, but if you bring any new affiliates to the program, then you are rewarded with a sub-commission as well.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 20% – 25% depending on the sales, plus 5% sub-commissions
  • Cookie duration: Unknown
  • Affiliate software/network: True North Seed Bank affiliate program

Final Thoughts

All of the aforementioned CBD affiliate programs are extremely lucrative and have very simple structures when it comes to remuneration. By entering your basic details and signing up with these programs, you will gain access to a plethora of brilliant content and out of the box promotional links.

The more you succeed in promoting the products, the more profits you are likely to earn. We hope that this article has helped you gain a better insight into this industry and its practices. We are certain that any of the above-mentioned CBD affiliate programs will help you in making the right decision.