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Autoinsta Review – Where Did This Tool Go?

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
7 mins 32 secs Review – Where Did This Tool Go?

Social media is a dynamic and powerful part of a solid marketing strategy because they are rich soil. This is especially true about Instagram.

While social media platforms are such potent online marketing venues, you must have content consistently and constantly flowing through your profile.

Additionally, your content must be monetized, unique, and of high quality to attract the proper audience that will help you obtain followers. Without this engagement and followers, you will not likely be successful on Instagram or any other social media channel.

The thing about creating content and getting followers and engagement is that it is not only time-consuming but overwhelming sometimes. It is more than a little challenging to balance content creation and performing Instagram activities (engagement).

The struggle to figure out what strategy will work the best, what content you should post, and just how you are going to draw the right audience is real. Even IG marketers who know what they want to post do not have the time to make it work. So, there is that.

We have been there and done that.

Fortunately, there is a multitude of Instagram marketing tools/services that can help facilitate this full process, so you do not have to stress and struggle. used to be one of these services/tools. You may already know about this, but it no longer provides services.

What transpired that caused to no longer work? Are there any alternatives to

Keep reading to find out more in our review.

What Is Graph was a self-proclaimed Instagram bot and they did not attempt to cover that up like so many others like it do. Why? Because Instagram comes down hard of botting technology and bans accounts for using it.

Why did get shut down? Because they did violate the Terms of Service, or Terms and Conditions in place that regulate activities on the platform. It was during the time when several companies were sued by Facebook for using botting technology.

After their site had not worked for some time, we believe that they have started up a whole new Autoinsta website that works via a Google Chrome extension.

The nature of is that it continues to work as an Instagram bot performs follows, unfollows, and likes on your behalf through the extension.

On its website, they claim that their bot helps to grow your followers organically and effectively. Based on our experience with Instagram marketing, we are not impressed nor convinced that comparing organic growth to bot growth is like comparing apples and oranges. It is simply not feasible.

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How Does Work? work is not very impressive even at first glance. Very much like other bots, it performs Instagram activities for you.  

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This bot specifically concentrates on performing follows, unfollows, and likes respectively.

It additionally claims use special filters to help you find your ideal target audience, but we shall see directly.

Does Instagram consistently boycott Instagram bots?

Yes. It happens more often than not. Once in a while you may find a bot that functions well and does not cause issues with getting your account detected and banned. However, this is quite rare.

How to Use Import

As we already referenced, this Instagram bot functions as a Chrome extension, and we should address the fact that the installation is a hassle.  

You are required to download this extension from their actual website, They have two versions of said extension with one being in beta. We completely understand if you are not confident about downloading third-party extensions (software/apps) to your browser especially one that was a functioning bot that got shut down by the same social media giant that it now caters to via the Google extension.

Basically, you download a zip file they named “release”, which seems kind of questionable to us. Then you must unzip the folder to install and then ultimately set up and use.

Let us say you decide to use this tool. You will go to your Extension Management page in Google Chrome by choosing Options, then More Tools and then Extensions.

Then, you have to enable your “Developer Mode” and click the “Load Unpacked Extensions” option. After all this hassle, you will select the extracted folder.

That is essentially how you enable the Google Chrome extension. You then have to log in to your Instagram account so that the bot can perform actions for you. Keep in mind that the browser has to be open and running for this extension to do its thing.

Now we will discuss its performance. Features Features provides a couple of relatively essential features.  


Apparently, this bot is supposed to allow you to use filters (location, keywords, user accounts, hashtags, etc.), but it seems we cannot confirm that it works.

Bot/Automated Activity

The bot will perform three different activities on your behalf.

  • Follow which will be based on your provided filters.
  • Unfollow which allows you to whitelist your friends to exclude them from this action.
  • Like posts according to your filters.

It does not attempt to involve direct messages or comments that are usually common among bots.

Autoinsta claims to stay within the restricted limits of actions of Instagram. They say they can prevent being detected.

However, mostly there are no actions make by the bot, but when it does do something, it gets you banned.

Pricing offers a free trial and only one price point deal.

It defaults to the 3-day trial period that you can extend into 10 days if you just confirm your email address.

Their Standard package consists of all its features for $5,99 per month. To say the least, this is too cheap to be true. Since does not work, it is nothing short of a scam program.

Is Legit? was already banned once on the grounds that it violated Instagram’s policies, and yet now there is another version of the same bot. We are uncertain about whether It is the same business, but we think it is, and still they have not been able to make this system work.

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So, we are of the opinion (from experience) that this is not a legit IG growth anything, much less a service.

We were unable to affirm whether any other customers experienced the same things that we did because there are no reputable reviews of this service on websites like offers something they call a “Rewards Program” that provides you with free services if you make a video, tweet, or write a post about your positive experience with the service (i.e., your success story).

For example, if you make them a 3-minute or longer YouTube video, you could conceptually get 6-12 months of services for free, but that also depends on your view count. You may also be able to get 1-6 months for writing a blog, Tumblr, or making Reddit upvotes/posts about their services (positive, of course).

Feel free to check that out if you want to chance it.

This whole ordeal made us question each positive review we found about online.

It is simply not possible to learn who they truly are. They have no live chat nor a way to leave a note via a form of any kind. They do provide an obscure email address,, however, we never got a response back.  

Is Safe?

Anytime you have to download a third-party application from the web, you cannot be 100 percent confident about what you are getting. While did pass our antivirus test, and it does not seem to contain malware, it still seems unsafe in our opinion.

In addition, using Google Chrome extensions (particularly those that are not from the Google Store and then expect you to enable Developer Mode), your data is in danger of getting taken, and you must be cautious about this all the time.

So no, we will not say that is a safe extension to use.

Pros and Cons

  • They do not require your password.
  • It does not actually work.
  • There is too much risk of getting banned or blocked from Instagram by using it.
  • It is a Google Chrome extension.
  • It is complicated to set up.
  • It does not target your audience.
  • It is a download.

Review Conclusion was shut down in light of the fact that they disregarded Instagram’s Terms of Service (rules and policies). That said, it appears they are attempting to get it in the game, though it does not actually work the manner in which it is expected.

In addition, the bot growth ideal is obsolete, and it cannot permanently maintain your IG presence or growth.

What we have found that really works are strategies that employ organic activities. Not only is that best because it is organic growth, but also because you can get better results for your audience targeting that will result in boosting your engagement for your business, brand, or whatever you want to market.

We like to recommend that you check around for more reliable, reputable, safe, and known Instagram growth options.