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Amazon Says Arriving Today But Not Out For Delivery

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:March 14, 2022
6 mins 38 secs

It’s normal to track your products, but you might worry when Amazon says arriving today but not out for delivery. Many have a hard time discerning the meaning of this update from the online platform. If you see Amazon not out for delivery, you should be eager to know its meaning. Here is what this update means.

If Amazon says arriving today but not out for delivery, there might be a minor problem with the logistics department. However, the news is nothing to worry about as it usually means that your package is probably out for delivery. Sometimes, you receive what you ordered at night of the same day or in the morning of the following day. 

Should I Worry When Amazon Says Arriving Today but Not Out for Delivery?

As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t be too concerned about this update when keeping track of your delivery. There are several reasons why Amazon says arriving today but not out for delivery. First, it could be that there’s a slight problem with their logistics team or a delay in your delivery.

In some cases, the update signifies you’ll be getting your package soon, but there’s no specific time for its arrival. Don’t forget that there’s much more to delivering than receiving your ordered goods. You must consider the company handling the service and other conditions that may alter their scheduled date.

That said, let’s go over some factors that could affect your order and delivery information. 

Courier Services

For the most part, Amazon hires major couriers to deliver its items once they arrive at pickup points. This option is cost-effective and enables the online platform to run its business better. 

So, here’s how courier service works. Amazon will designate the parcel for delivery after handing it to the courier. Although the order will have the tag “Amazon arriving today,” Amazon no longer controls the delivery. 

FedEx, UPS, or any other courier it uses takes over, tracks your home, and delivers accordingly. Introducing these second-party logistics means there might be a little misinformation or data confusion. For example, some delivery dates might not tally, causing unexpected delays.

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Store Services

Amazon is a hub for a slew of different stores. These stores have total control over taking orders and delivering to customers. Although many use Amazon’s fulfillment service, some rely solely on Amazon to increase their visibility. 

When you purchase something from a store like this, they’ll mail it to you directly from their inventory. Using an Amazon fulfillment center becomes impossible in this situation. Instead, a courier service handles the entire shipment process for them. 

amazon store

As soon as the seller hands the package to the courier, you’ll get an email with a tracking number. With this, you can keep tabs on the package. Still, you get a notification telling you “Amazon arriving today,” or otherwise.

This method bypasses Amazon’s two-day delivery guarantee. When a store handles its delivery, you may have to select a shipping method at checkout. 

You might also have to pay extra for expedited shipment as Prime shipping isn’t an option. That’s how you know the store handles its shipping, not Amazon itself. 

When using courier services, and Amazon says arriving today but not out for delivery, there are two options involved:

You Receive Your Package the Following Morning

Customers might be frustrated when they can’t get their order that same day as they probably bargained. However, provided you can keep track of your package, you’d get your order. Even if you can’t track the service, you might wake the following morning to find a courier at your doorstep.

Such late deliveries result from several factors. There might have been too many orders available or a problem with the vehicle used to convey the items.

Your Package Arrives at Night

Night arrivals are one of the most common occurrences when dealing with delivery. With this, there’s no cause for alarm as the package got to you on the scheduled date.

Other Factors That Affects the Delivery Process

Amazon ensures to get customers’ items across as fast as possible. If you don’t get your order early, there could be several reasons. Just as we’ve discussed, it might be due to the courier or the store where you made your purchases.

Asides from these factors, there are other elements involved when Amazon says arriving today but not out for delivery. Below are a few of them:

Wrong Address: Providing an incorrect address is stressful both for the courier service and yourself. It becomes difficult to locate you or the residence where your items are supposed to be delivered. This process takes longer than necessary, causing the late arrival of your order. 

Missing building number: An incomplete residential address could also be another significant problem, especially when you’re not in contact with the delivery service. Ensure your address is complete when filling out any information on Amazon to avoid unnecessary delays.

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International custom regulations: These procedures affect your orders when your delivery is an international one.

What Do I Do If Amazon Says Arriving Today but Not Out for Delivery?

Follow these simple processes:

  • Track your order and confirm the delivery date
  • Scan through your shipping address to ensure its correct
  • Review the payment process to ensure you have successfully paid for the purchase.
  • Wait for 48 hours before taking any action
  • If you still don’t receive your order, visit the Find a Missing Package page on Amazon to look for yours.

What Does It Mean When the Update Changes to “Delivery Attempted?” 

Amazon not out for delivery isn’t the only thing you can get in your delivery status. You might receive a “delivery attempted” in some cases but never get your package. 

amazon prime

This signifies that an attempt was made to deliver your package most of the time. However, they were unable to do so for some reason. 

This can be due to an incorrect delivery address or a lack of a safe delivery location. Sometimes, it might be other external factors from the courier.

Most times, it’s a mistake on Amazon’s or the delivery company’s part. They will resolve the issue on their own once they discover the error. Still, it’s good to contact customer assistance to ensure the company resolves the problem. 

What Happens If Amazon Says It Can’t Deliver the Package?

It’s not unusual to receive a “package can’t be delivered” update after Amazon told you that your package is out-for-delivery. When you receive this message from Amazon, it signifies that your package couldn’t be delivered due to unforeseen circumstances. This message could be for various reasons, but you should receive a refund. 

What Happens If You Don’t Receive Your Package? 

If your item doesn’t arrive, contact support so that you can work directly with them to locate your package. You can contact Amazon directly by phone or through their online chat. 

You can get a complete refund, including postage, or have Amazon send you a replacement. As earlier noted, consult their customer support to get information on the best course of action if this happens. 


Amazon tries to make every customer happy. So, when Amazon says arriving today but not out for delivery, it can be worrisome. It even gets worse if you can’t think of the best action to take.

However, when you see notifications like this, don’t panic; there are several explanations why. It could be a minor difference in information, a faulty vehicle, and other factors. 

You receive your items that night or the following day in most cases. Then, still worrying about Amazon’s update, call the customer care or the courier service that’s supposed to deliver your package.