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7 Advantages Of Having Unlimited Internet

Author: jack
Published:May 22, 2023
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Being able to go online for as long as you want, without being worried about a cap on your usage, should be the internet experience you should aspire to.

Nowadays, being able to connect all the time is absolutely necessary. Not only does everyone have several devices, but people are also streaming and downloading more content than ever.

It’s also easy to get one of these connections, as all internet providers offer unlimited internet plans where the only thing to consider is the connection speed that fits your home’s needs.

This means in today’s world getting unlimited internet is a must. So, here are 7 advantages to having this service:

1.) Streaming

Nowadays more people than ever are going for streaming instead of cable. What people are talking about next to the watercooler is Netflix and Disney+, not cable shows.

Internet packages do include some cable channels, but these channels are usually limited (packages come with around 20 channels), and unlimited internet plans are much cheaper when they include no cable.

Besides, if you stream a lot and have unlimited cable, you won’t have to worry about extra costs while you’re binge-watching your favorite show.

2.) VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phones, use the internet to transmit calls. VoIP phones can come as hardware or software, which makes them very flexible to use.

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VoIP calls are also a lot cheaper than landlines. With your unlimited internet, you can call anywhere in the world on any device you’re using. 

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The only thing about VoIP technology is that if your internet is down, so is your phone, which doesn’t happen with landlines.

3.) Gaming

If you’re a gamer, odds are you know unlimited internet is the way to go. Gaming requires being  connected to the internet constantly.

Gaming is not going to eat up your internet’s bandwidth, but downloading patches to fix compatibility problems, or add-ons (software extensions) will.

Having unlimited internet means your games will always be updated and ready to go. Besides, you’ll be able to chat and livestream while you’re playing, which is crucial in a gaming experience.

Having unlimited internet will make your gaming experience relaxing, helping you unwind at the end of the day. 

4.) Work

After the pandemic, working from home became the new normal. And although many people have gone back to the office, remote work is more and more popular every day.

For this reason, having unlimited internet at home is a must for almost everyone nowadays.

Having this type of  connection means being able to check your email at all times, connect to a conference call whenever it’s necessary, use your VoIP phone or  Google for a research project from work.

With unlimited internet, you won’t have to worry if you’ll be able to do all of this from home. 

This also applies to all your children’s homework, as you won’t have to worry about them having access to libraries or  educational materials at all times. 

5.) Several Users

If your home internet has several users, this means they might be streaming, gaming, downloading, using a VoIP phone, and working all at the same time. This amount of activity will eat up your bandwidth.

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So, besides getting unlimited internet, it’s also important consider bandwidth speed, as it will be impacted by the number of users that are online at the same time.

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This basically means, the more users, the more bandwidth speed you’ll need. It is true that these plans are more costly, but they end up being cheaper on the long run, as you’ll see next.

6.) Affordability

In a digital world like the one we live in today, not being connected to the internet is simply not a choice.

Residential unlimited internet plans are a lot cheaper than mobile data plans, which is the other alternative you can find in the market.

Having Wi-Fi means being able to not use your mobile data plan once you get home. You won’t only get higher downloading speed from your Wi-Fi, but you will also save money on your mobile data plan.

7.) Reliability

Having an unlimited internet plan at home is as reliable as it can get. Not only does it always work, contrary to mobile data, but in case of any issue, you can simply make a phone call to your internet provider.

Also, you can download, upload and stream multiple files at the same time and won’t have to wait for any buffering.