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Welcome to Income Artist.

I am Adam, owner of the site. I aim to tackle most topics around investing and finance so that you can ultimately get a better grasp on your finances and take control of your future financial health. If you have a query that you would like to send my way, you can do so on our ‘ask a question’ page.

I believe that even through just one question at a time, we are going to be able to learn from one another and figure out ways to become financially free and stable.

That is my goal with this site; that you are able to get the answers to the questions that you are asking around personal finance, and you can figure out how to make safe investments with your hard-earned money without taking risks that you can’t afford.

When you are able to make your money go further and increase it through multiple sources, you are able to take control of your financial life, and set yourself up for future success. I believe that Income Artist has everything that you need to achieve this.