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4gram Review: Is It Reliable & Safe?

Author: Adam
Published:April 26, 2023
5 mins 57 secs
Complete Review of 4gram: Is it Reliable?

Automation tools and Instagram go together.

Despite rigorous efforts to eradicate the use of bot services, Instagram is still prone to users’ who find a way of using automation to grow engagement.

As more and more people are joining Instagram, the chances of them using a bot are also increasing.

4gram Review

Today, we’re going to review one such tool: 4gram.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about 4gram and its features.

Let’s get started…

What is 4gram?

4gram App

4gram was an Instagram engagement service which doesn’t work anymore.

It helped Instagram accounts to auto like, auto-follow, and auto comment on their behalf. But the best thing about 4gram was that it was completely free.

Yes! You could use all the features without spending a penny.

But despite all this, 4gram failed miserably.

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Getting started with the application


Getting started with 4gram was simple.

You only had to visit their official website and download the application.

During the sign in process you had to use your IG username and password along with your email, phone number.

That was all you needed to do.

Key Features

4gram App

Let’s now discuss what key features 4gram offered to its customers.


Likes are the building blocks of your content.

This means the more likes you have, the more people you’ll reach. When your content comes across potential followers, they judge the high-quality of your content based on the number of likes it has got.

Suppose your recent post has fewer likes then people might not like it, whereas if your posts have already bagged a decent number of likes you’ll have more of grabbing the attention of people scrolling through their feed.

With the auto like feature of 4gram, you were free to choose any of your latest eight photos on which you wanted more likes.

If you think about it, this feature was limited in functionality when compared to alternatives that offer tons of filters and advanced targeting options.

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Well, this was what 4gram offered.


Followers drive your content on Instagram by engaging with it.

People also judge an account by its follower base.

If you have fewer followers, you’ll have less chance to reach an even newer audience.

4gram helped accounts by bringing them followers.

But their website never mentioned the quality of the followers they provided.

Auto commenter

Of course, comments play a crucial role in building Instagram’s presence.

By commenting on other users’ posts, you engage with their content, which attracts them to engage with your content.

They also feel valued you took the time to express how you feel about their content. The only problem with this approach is you can’t comment on every post your followers’ publish.

This is where auto commenter fitted in. It targeted posts by commenting on them without you moving a muscle.

Now, this feature never really worked in reality. It was just a fake feature created by 4gram to market itself.

And it’s not surprising at all because what more can you expect from a free tool?

Reasons it failed

It was a community application

4gram took the phrase “Sharing & Caring” too seriously.

The entire application was a community service where people helped each other.

Why 4gram was a free tool is explained by the fact that it put no effort into developing useful features with its algorithms as other tools did.

Let me explain.

4gram was an exchange system where you had to like and follow other users’ accounts to bring engagement to your account.
Isn’t this what every other tool in the market is based on?

Yes, but catch is with 4gram, you were bound to increase the engagement of accounts having the same interests as you.

This means as you grew your competitors’ also grew. And the number of likes and follows you gave was the number of likes and follows you received.

So, there was no overall growth of your account because your competitors were also growing at the same rate.

Bought Fake followers

4gram kept its promise of delivering followers to your account.

But the problem was, they never talked about the authenticity of the followers they provided.

Now, fake followers are a threat to your credibility and profile.

These followers don’t engage with your content and could be spammers who can spam your real followers and misuse your platform data.

Fake followers just sit on your followers list, which can raise red flags with Instagram.

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Performed basic tasks

4gram never stood out from its competition.

Where alternative tools were offering a plethora of analysing and engaging features, 4gram performed basic tasks like auto liking and auto following.

Their auto-commenting feature also didn’t work at all. So, there was nothing special about 4gram, I think people ended up using it because it was a free tool.

Stopped working

With 4gram, you were limited to receive only a few likes and followers.

This is because the application stopped working and went into a mandatory waiting period after you reached your engagement limit.

Nobody knew what the limit was and how long the waiting period lasted.

It was all random on their part.

Imagine receiving engagement and suddenly the application stops working, and you do not know when it’s going to resume again.

Asked for Personal information

Applications like 4gram rarely require you to provide your personal information to them.

All they need is your Instagram username.

But while setting up 4gram, it asked for your password, email address and even phone number.

This’s suspicious because they didn’t have a customer support team which could have used your information to contact you.

No customer support

This one is a real bummer. Whether you’re a free tool or charge a premium, you got to have a customer support team. 4gram mentioned no team on their website, which alone is a major reason not to trust them.

Violated Instagram’s copyright laws

According to Instagram’s copyright laws, no third party may use the term “gram” in its name. They did this to stop bots that use automation to grow engagement.

By using the term “gram” helps the bots to establish themselves as an authoritative service related to Instagram.

This was one of the biggest setbacks of 4gram because Instagram hates bots and monitors accounts that use them.

Not enough information

Finally, there was no factual information on 4gram.

Their website had little to no data on how they worked and the algorithm they used, what measures they took to stay clear of Instagram and how authentic were their likes and followers.

They also had no customer team. So, not much to hold on to on the users’ part.

Review Conclusion

There you go. This was all about 4gram.

No doubt it was a free service that tried to serve the community by offering some basic features.

But it wasn’t safe to use and had serious trust issues. So, the next you come across a free tool like 4gram thoroughly understand the legitimacy and functioning of the tool.