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3 Ways Guest Posting Grows Your Online Audience

Author: Adam
Published:September 14, 2022
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3 Ways Guest Posting Grows Your Online Audience

Most of today’s top bloggers believe guest posting is the single most vital strategy for growing your blog viewership, readership, and platform. What is it and how does it help?

Guest Posting Explained

Guest posting is writing an article that gets published on another blog or website. Many bloggers offer this on their sites and blogs. It allows other bloggers to extend their reach beyond their current fans and to connect with new readers, while making a name for yourself.

3 Benefits of Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Relationship Building

All bloggers need good content on their sites. When you provide high-quality articles for other bloggers, you are adding value to their blog while building relationships with other bloggers and readers.

Bloggers make up a large percentage of conversations that occur online. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are common channels where bloggers spark conversations. If you want to enjoy that same popularity, make friends of these influencers.

By building relationships with influential bloggers, you will grow your audience, and your social media influence, leading to more subscribers for your blog.

Search Engine Love

You will get a lot more love from Google and other search engines from guest posting on other websites and blogs.

Make sure the host blogger includes a link to your blog somewhere in the post, preferably at the beginning or the end. Over time, backlinks will raise your blog’s value to Google and search engines, making your content easier to find through searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

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Introductions to New People

What many guest posters consider the best thing about guest posting is the ability to share your message on an already-established blog.

If you add value to a discussion in this realm, conversions will occur over time to your blog, meaning more fans, followers, and readers. If all you are in it for is selling, you’re more likely to wind up with a reputation that won’t benefit you. Don’t be that guest blogger.

Should You offer guest posting on your blog

If you’re not already offering guest posting on your blog or website, now is a good time to start. This is one way to return the favor for those bloggers who allow you to guest post, making your relationship mutual. There are some bloggers who blog about their guest posts, link it from their blog, and reap link credibility from it.

Be a Good Guest

Guest Post 530

When you create posts for other blogs do this:

  • Link to your post from your blog
  • Promote the link on Twitter as much as possible
  • Share the link on Facebook
  • Thank people for looking
  • Hang out for a bit and respond to comments on your post.

Being this kind of blogger and guest poster, you add credibility and gain a good reputation among other bloggers and readers.

Guest posting on other websites and blogs is surely a great practice to engage in and reach out to new readers.

If you’re a writer who would like to get more traditional publishing opportunities, guest posting is a great way to showcase your talents to other bloggers and major publications. If you are unhappy with your blog traffic and you’re not using guest posting, it’s time you started.